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Welcome To Eugene Car Transport

Eugene Car Transport and Auto Shipping Services Nationwide

If you’re planning to move your car with you to Eugene, Eugene Car Transport will be happy to help you with moving your vehicle. Shipping with our car carriers will give you the highest quality nationwide shipping at the best prices in the market.

Shipping with Eugene Car Transport gives you access to choose any of the car shipping services that we provide. We offer all kinds of shipments for different types of vehicles. With every shipping order, you are guaranteed full-insurance coverage and a door-to-door delivery for your convenience. We also provide low priced quotes and special discounts. Going to Eugene to Study? Read More

If you’re moving to Eugene as a student, you’re in luck! We offer discounted prices for students who ship their vehicles with us. If you’re a military citizen as well, you qualify for a special price! Don’t forget to let the agents know.

We have special permits and the right types of equipment that give us permission to transport any kind of vehicle anywhere in America. Looking to move your family’s trailer? No problem, let us do it for you! Need to transport your classic car? We can ship that too! Whether it is open car transportation or enclosed car transportation, we can get your car to you in the best way possible.

Eugene Car Transport offers full safety for each vehicle that we ship.

Our goal is to make more customers happy with our services. Let our talented crew move your car for you!

Fill out a free form for a free quote or give us a call at (541)-246-9009  and we will be happy to help you! Hide content

Open Car Transport

eugene car transport

When it comes to auto shipping, there are two methods to choose between – Open Car Transport and Enclosed Car Shipping. While the latter is usually used for luxury and classic vehicles, the former is the most popular way to ship a vehicle. It is affordable and more available as there is more space on open trailers. Open auto haulers are commonly used by car manufacturers. You could see those on the highways delivering vehicles…

Enclosed Auto Transport

There are two ways to ship a vehicle – Open Car Shipping and Enclosed Auto Transport. Open Car Shipping is considered to be the most popular method of car moving. It is totally safe and really affordable at the same time. Many people use it to ship personal and commercial vehicles, and it is widely used by car manufacturers. But for some vehicles there is a better choice…

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