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100 Drug Needles Along Eugene River

EUGENE, OR – A Eugene park infested with over 100 drug needles has the city outraged. Park employees, along with the Sheriff’s office are working together to clean up the area. City of Eugene park employees have expressed concerns, reporting the area has gotten out of control.

Additionally, there are heaps of trash left alongside the Willamette River left by the homeless. This has become a major problem in Eugene.

Joe Waksmundski, the Eugene Parks Ambassador is alarmed by the amount of drug needles discovered below the Ferry Street Bridge. However, he is not surprised.

Additionally, residents in the area have expressed great concern as well because it is in full view.

Moreover, park employees have tried to rectify the matter themselves by telling the homeless camp to clean up. However, most of them just up and leave.

Some of the trash found in the area included rotten food, bedding, and makeshift household items. Additionally, in less than two hours, over 100 needles were also picked up in the process.

Furthermore, park officials are concerned about the wildlife that could be contaminated from all the trash left near the river.  

According to Waksmundski, he believes it’s going to take a team effort to fix the issue in Eugene. Adding that the City Council must work together with the mayor to find a solution. He also stated that social services should work together with the homeless to provide opportunities for economic growth.

Moreover, a proposal that would expand on the park’s rules is in effect. The Department of State Lands is also in talks to forbid camping on the islands.

Likely, this is an issue that will take some time to deal with. However, the city plans to continue their cleanup efforts along the riverbanks.

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