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Will Public Forum Bring Changes?

A three-hour public forum on June 29th challenged Eugene City Council’s proposed 2021 city budget. Citizens spoke out regarding the disproportionate amount of the city budget that goes to the police department. Though no initial changes have been made, council members are discussing future amendments.

The general fund for 2021 is a proposed $223 million. The current budget allocates $59 million to the police department. That is roughly 26% of the total budget. But city council members claim they don’t have enough time to make changes before the July 1st deadline. Citizens fighting for reform feel that budget redistribution could provide better services for the community as a whole.

Addressing the Public Forum: Where Does the Money Go?

Let’s look at what the people of this particular Eugene public forum are suggesting. “Defund the police” can be a misleading title. While there is no one consensus on exactly what demands are, there is clear ideology at work. Citizens are not necessarily arguing to get rid of police entirely. Rather, they are suggesting that the city’s budget could be better divided to improve communities.

Treat the analogy like this: communities have diseases. We’ll use poverty as an example. Most prosecuted crimes are committed in low-income areas. (There are plenty of crimes happening in affluent areas as well. They are just less likely to be reported.) The crime is a symptom of the disease but it is not the disease itself. We try to fix this by treating the symptom. But when we do that, we have failed to treat the disease itself. Additionally, we currently treat that symptom by “punishing” it instead of rehabilitating it.

“Defund the Police” refers to a change in how we address these diseases. Creating programs that would allow financially-struggling families resources is another way to treat the disease rather than the symptom. Free classes could teach them new skills. Seminars could help them get better-paying jobs. Free childcare could free up money for them to invest in their futures.

And handing off nonviolent offenses to social workers and other rehabilitation programs can take the stress off of cops. Police officers can better do their jobs when they aren’t so overloaded. What we are seeing is a new understanding: what we are doing now just isn’t working. People are still committing violent crimes. Nonviolent crimes are still being punished with excessive force. There are clear rifts in our communities. It’s time we start talking about how to heal them.

SpaceX Launches First Manned Space Flight

SpaceX, the world’s first privately-owned space shuttle program, launched its first-ever manned takeoff. The launch was to meet up with the International Space Station and dock. Everything went off without a hitch.

The flight had a different feel than what the astronauts were typically used to. The main propulsion rocket was said to be a little rockier than NASA’s, other than that, once it was knocked off, the regular jets worked smooth-as-silk. Also, the docking process was smooth and with no issues.

“So the first stage engines shut off, and then it took some time between the booster separating and then the Merlin vacuum engine starting,” Hurley said. “At that point, we go from roughly three Gs (three times the normal force of gravity on the ground) to zero Gs for, I don’t know, a half a second probably, and then when that Merlin vacuum engine fires, then we start accelerating again.”

SpaceX Dragon: Rough Then Smooth

“It got a little rougher with the Merlin vacuum engine, and it’ll be interesting to talk to the SpaceX folks to find out why it was a little bit rougher ride on second stage than it was for shuttle on those three main engines.”

Hurley and Behnken the two astronauts who were sent in the Dragon Capsule. They said the docking “didn’t feel like docking at all.” They also mentioned that “It was just so smooth.”

The first successful launch of a private manned spacecraft is one for the record books. The Federal Government has pretty much shut down all things “Space”. This means other pioneers are stepping up to the plate. SpaceX and Elon Musk have done what global powers couldn’t.

We’re back to launching people to the stars. Now if only we can get some flying cars like we thought we would have by now.

Bears! Coming To Your Neighborhood!

Bears have been seen entering city streets in order to forage for food. With so many people under their stay at home protocol, wildlife has found its way into neighborhoods and streets where they might not usually end up.

Take for instance Eugene, Oregon. A black bear was spotted foraging for food outside of a residential neighborhood.

Spring has sprung and many wildlife are coming out of hibernation. This leads them to forage for the first couple meals upon awakening.

Bears Aren’t True Hibernators

While many animals fight off the cold by stocking up on body fat and sleeping through the winter months, Bears follow the same path. The exception is that bears will wake up to drink water if they feel dehydrated, other than hat, they just sleep off the winter months like a bad hangover.

Problems Arrive With Stay In Place

Due to most people staying indoors, Bears have found they are less habitat oriented. Their immediate response upon waking up is to find food. This can often lead to them foraging a little too far from home, and into your backyard.

“It’s not uncommon to see bears emerging from torpor this time of year,” said Chris Yee, an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist.

One might think that the stay in place would deter the bears, but due to low traffic, they do not feel as threatened to be in suburban areas. Fewer cars, fewer pedestrians out and about can lead to other foragers entering.

Italy Has Seen Wildlife Appears

Even places like Venice, Italy have seen an increase in wildlife roaming into the neighborhood.

With the canals of Venice not clear, and the sediments has settled to the bottom. marine life has come back to the city. From jellyfish to even dolphins, Venice residents have taken a liking to seeing life emerge from the murky canals.

Drivers Speak About Driving During COVID-19

COVID-19 has put many drivers on edge. The industry has taken a few hits over the past few years, but none have been as impactful as the countrywide “stay at home” policy issued by many states.

Mass Closings Of Stores

Due to mass closings of public areas such as rest stops, and stores, many drivers are feeling the pressure to continue with the lack of essential supplies. Many truck stops that are still open are also facing the dilemma of having low hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and latex gloves.

“I feel like I have a high potential to catch the virus if I go into a store without the proper safety,” says Graham Hinsch – a driver currently going from New York to Portland, Oregon.

Restaurants Are Take Out Only

With many restaurants not allowing for sit in and dining, many drivers are forced to eat at open truck stops. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options (or healthy ones at that) that provide truck drivers the essential nutritional value to continue their day.

“It really comes down to planning ahead. Knowing that these stores are closed means that I need to bring my food. I portion my meals in order to get the best benefit throughout my day. Some days I drive upwards of 14 hours with no breaks so I need to run on all pistons.”

Drivers Face Long Hours

Apart from the lack of necessary supplies, a silver lining for them is that they are not required a maximum of 8 hours before they need to stop. The current demand for drivers has worked to put a strain on many of them. Some are driving upwards of 13+ hours a day and are facing a lack of supplies wherever they go.

“DOT has lifted the regulations that we would get ticketed before for doing. Such as time limits.  70 hrs on duty was the limit before you needed a 34hour reset and my company is still keeping that. Other companies and owner-operators have removed that time limit so you have many truckers working non stop and like the good old days when we weren’t told when we have to sleep or drive by an electronic system. I am paid well to meet the demand and having unlimited hours has been beneficial for me.

Despite these shortcomings many drivers are aware that closed truck stops and other places are trying to get back on track. They feel that these are just temporary for their times and look forward to things returning to normal.

Trucking During COVID-19

In a time of emergency, the trucking industry has always been presented a mainline for citizens. From delivering products to shelves, food to stay in stores, essential medical equipment helping many with their issues, the trucking industry is the reason why that all exists.

Now more than ever truck drivers are moving across the country, working double time in order to make sure people will be safe. Products will continue to be delivered, people will still be able to purchase the necessary products for their homes and health officials will be able to deliver the necessary procedures to help fight back against COVID-19.

Trucking Does its Part

The world relies on truck drivers more than ever. With the ability to supply literally everything in this country, many supermarkets are waiting for their shipments to come in.

Truck Drivers Are Staying Healthy

Truck drivers across the globe are doing their part to ensure public safety. From using alcohol wipes on fuel pumps to keeping their inner compartments sterilized. While they are facing harder lockdowns such as public bathrooms and gas stations, they continue to do their job even as it gets harder. We respect all truck drivers and hope for their continued safety.

To Truck Drivers, We Say: Thank You

In this time of emergency, your efforts to do your part and help support citizens across the country do not go unnoticed. While many police and healthcare officials are working around the clock to help tend to the sick and needy, you are also spending those same long hours traveling long distances and away from loved ones. While many are stuck inside waiting for their local grocery store to resupply. It is the duty of the trucker to ensure that the world is fed, and has the basic necessities to grow and counteract the spread of COVID-19.

Green Energy: Trucking’s Uphill Battle

Green Energy has become a popular focus for many industry leaders. With the invention of the world’s first-ever Tesla Semi, everyone got to see how the future of automotive manufacturing will soon be revolutionized. Already with the development of Tesla’s smart cars, the industry has made a drastic shift away from fossil fuel burning combustion engines. With all these inventions, the path for the trucking industry has been set. Fully electronic vehicles have are here and will see the light of day upon 2022.

Green Energy In The Trucking Industry

Renewable fuels have been on the mind of everyone for the past 20-years. Now that we have fully established an electric car industry, American industries will switch over, albeit this may take some time. The Tesla Semi, an all-electric semi, will see the light of day come 2022 and will have a limited release for most major trucking fleets. Having just one in your fleet will save both time and money in fuel. It will come at a hefty cost, though, but like most new things, they will.

Trucking has had a difficult uphill battle in terms of being a large scale producer of carbon emissions as well as developing new technologies to better both the cost of industry and the impact that they have on the planet. With so many companies across America utilizing alternative energies such as B20, their environmental impact still remains high, but it has made incredulous efforts to diminish this impact.

Tracking Development of Greener Pastures

The trucking industry has been able to incorporate biofuels within the industry. With many utilizing what is known as B20 (or 20% biofuel), lowers the negative impact that fossil fuels have by a substantial amount. This, like most diesel engine vehicles, has become a focal point for many in addressing the sate of current environmental concerns.

Trucking Takes the Reigns

The development of B20 has not only benefitted the trucking industry but has helped with farmers too. The use of farmland and the excess biomass that get thrown away has been utilized to create the B20 that many diesel engines use. This has generated positive buzz.

Farmers across America are using their byproducts as fuel. The fuel acts to combine both diesel and ethanol to generate energy. Many diesel engine owners who are not part of the trucking industry have hopped onto biofuel. The VW bus has recycled itself to become the most known environmental vehicle next to Tesla. On top of that, old Mercedes 300 owners have pulled the car out of the garage and converted them for biofuels.

The world of Green Energy

Soon the world will bear witness to the prospects of being fuelless. Instead of our dependency at the pump, we will be able to enjoy the low carbon standards that have hurt the environment.

The Mystery Machine: What Was It?

The Mystery Machine is one of the most iconic American vehicles. Next to James Bonds Aston Martin and Smokey and the Bandits Pontiac Firebird, the van would go on to transport a bunch-a- meddlin’ kids through each one of the adventures. Often becoming their safe haven when the “monster of the week” showed up. Many have speculated as to the make and model of the van, but as it is a cartoon, it’s hard to put a definite answer on it.

VW Micro Bus: The Go-To Answer

This is what most people assume the bus is. It makes sense, too. With the ’60s and 70’s so far back in people’s minds, or for those who never experienced either of those decades (including myself), most people view the van as the standard hippie bus. With the flowery designs and pseudo psychedelic paint job, it does, in fact, give off the hippie vibe. Also, with the cabover approach, this signals that the engine is either right under the driver seat, or in the back (which in multiple iterations of the cartoon has the engine located there).

Ford Econoline (Mid 60’s)

The general shape is pretty consistent with most iterations of the van. With a flat-top rear wheelarch this essentially has the right style and shape, but not quite. The headlights are a different shape, as well as incorporating air intakes within each light. This is such an iconic feature, that if this was the van of choice, they would have incorporated it somewhere in the drawings.

Dodge A100

This van has the general shape (but what van for the time didn’t have it?). The headlights are in the right place and are the right shape, too. Also, the use of a roof rack is similar. Unfortunately, the headlight size is way too big and the “character lines” were a distinctive feature of the A100 where the mystery machine was relatively smooth.

Chevy Sportvan: Closest To The Mystery Machine

The Chevy Sports Van is probably the closest one to the actual Mystery Machine. Where the van the gang drives in is only imaginary (in that its a cartoon), the Chevy Sportvan has the closest resemblance to it. From the right sized headlights to the front-mounted spare wheel, this guy takes the cake.

The Mystery Machine is an Icon

With countless episodes and re-iterations of the show, the Mystery Machine has had a couple of different forms, all keeping the basic shape and dimensions relative. The van has been in service for over 50 years and has helped to boost the Van craze for each generation. Now, if only we could figure out what the gang was up to in the back.

mystery machine
mystery machine

Cybertruck: 3 Vehicles That Beat it

The Tesla Cybertruck was recently released. Many stood in awe or disgust due to the nature of the vehicle. With its weird design and even weirder “bulletproof” glass, this guy can do a lot. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other vehicles that can beat it. We’re going to take a look at 3 vehicles that can outdo the future truck, but first, let’s take a look at the specs.

The Cybertruck in a Nutshell

It’s pretty cool, not going to lie. The Cybertruck can produce some whopping stats for an all-electric truck. With enough towing capacity to outdo a regular F-150 in a tug-of-war, Tesla’s new toy can pump out some power.

According to the Official Website:

“Cybertruck is built with an exterior shell made for ultimate durability and passenger protection. Starting with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, every component is designed for superior strength and endurance, from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass.”

Those are some pretty solid stats. Let’s take a look at Vehicles that can crush it.

The Karlmann King


Tesla isn’t the only one with a cool, future-looking vehicle. The Karlmann King is just that with a lot more. This thing is WAY more bulletproof than the Cybertruck could ever be and boasting a much MUCH larger engine, this guy can take on anything. Is there a lot of traffic between you and your house? Take a shortcut through the forest. You can DO THAT in this guy! Who needs roads, anyways?

Rhino GX Executive


Ever wish for the zombie apocalypse? I do. Every year that I blow out my birthday candles, I wish for it. I also wish for this truck because nothing will stand in my way once the infection starts. This guy is the ultimate SUV and outclasses all others by a longshot. Again, this guy is bulletproof and holds a whopping 6.5 liter V8 that can go through trees and mindless hordes of the undead. Are you an avid apocalypse person? Well, here is your vehicle.

Devel Sixty: The Cybertruck Killer

Is mother Nature in your way? WHO NEEDS IT? Not you. Not when you’re driving this masterpiece of future technology. This guy can pump out a whopping 670 horsepower. With 6 gnarly wheels, you can go anywhere at any time and nobody- not one person on this planet, is going to stop you. “Why do you need this?” you may be asking yourself. The correct answer is “Why Not?”

SHERP: Winters Worst Nightmare

Do you hate driving during the winter? Does the snow make it hard for you to get to work? Well, maybe you should look at buying the SHERP.

SHERP can take on ANY Terrain

Is Mister Winter making it hard for you to get out of your driveway? Well, looks like its too bad for him. This tiny ATV juggernaut will punch old-man winter right in his frosty schnoz. Heck, if you owned one of these, would you even need roads? The answer is “no”.

This Bad Boy is Aquatic

Ever take a duck tour in Boston? Well, now you don’t need to fly across the country to check it out. Drive this bad boy to any lake and have your own family duck tour. Who is going to stop you, kayakers? This is YOUR lake now.

Need to Climb Over Something 23 Inches Tall? We Got you

Rarely does a vehicle have such an incredible clearance. Whether you’re driving through trenches, rivers or over Frost Giants, this guy’s got you covered. What can winter possibly throw at you? Nothing.


Don’t be fooled by the SHERP’s low horsepower. Sure, it is slow, but it’s ALL torque. This helps pull and push its way across everything. 44 hp is all you need.

Its maximum speed is 27 mph. You might not get to work in the most timely manner during a category 5 “kill-blizzard”, but you’ll get to work before your co-worker, Steve in his Honda Accord. Remember, he still needs to take a road.


The SHERP design means that anyone can fix it. Everything from the transmission to the struts can be easily fixed with the most basic of knowledge. With limited electrical applications (even the engine can run with no electricity) this guy is easily repairable. Getting slowly surrounded by a horde of flesh-eating zombies? Just hop in your SHERP and drive away! It’s that easy

SHERP is planning on hitting the US market soon, but you can pre-order one now! The cost for one of these babies is upwards of $120,000 USD but it’s TOTALLY worth if the world ends.

Winter Weather Stalls Shipments

Weather is going to stall shipments. Alas, we have arrived in winter for 2019. There is a whole slew of issues that come with the changing of the season. From icy winter roads to car accidents, traffic delays are going to happen, and they might happen to you. If you have never shipped a vehicle before, here are some tips for what to expect while shipping in winter weather

Winter Weather Shipments

Winter can bring about some of the worst road conditions. The end of the year is typically just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how bad things will get for the start of the new year.

Winter Creates The Poorest Driving Conditions

For northern US roads, winter is in full force. Currently, New England is under some heavy snow. With many reports of traffic accidents and poor conditions, come reports of delays. These, to put it simply, are going to happen.

Winter Weather and New Drivers

With winter now in full swing across multiple areas in the US, many new truck drivers are getting their first-hand experience driving in the snow. This can cause severe delays.

Not every truck driver is trained in the same way. If you grew up and live in Los Angeles, chances are you haven’t had much experience driving in the snow. Now, most CDL Class-A schools provide adequate training for these conditions, but as a native New Englander, the best bet is to learn via experience. Oregon is no stranger to these conditions as well.

It can be scary if you’re transporting your vehicle to or from a place where they are getting slammed with a snowstorm. Typically, a truck won’t smash anything up. That is the worst-case scenario. Chances are, you’re shipment might be delayed. If your car is going through 14 inches of snow to get to where it needs to go, expect some delays.

How To Choose the Right Transportation Service for Winter Weather

This can be an easy one. Find a transportation business that specializes in reliability. A reliable company will be able to inform you of every step of the way. They will also be able to provide any and all information in regards to your shipment.

If Your Shipment is Delayed

Don’t stress. A reputable company will be able to find an alternate route. The goal is still to deliver your shipment in a timely manner. The safety risks being attributed to driving through winter weather can be costly to the driver and others who share the road.

The company will be able to contact the driver and have word in regard to the estimated time of your delivery. Delays will happen. To find the right auto transport service is key.

Eugene Car Transport Can Help

Shipping with Eugene Car Transport gives you access to choose any of the car shipping services that we provide. We offer all kinds of shipments for different types of vehicles. With every shipping order, there is a full guarantee of insurance coverage and door-to-door delivery for your convenience. We also provide low priced quotes and special discounts.

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