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The New Generation of Electric Trucks

Electric TrucksMany car making companies had shown their interest in electric trucks but it was not clear if the industry of trucking is ready for it.  Many analysts and ordinary people expressed their complaints about the impacts of trucking, such as pollution of the air and traffic on freeways and highways. As a result, electric trucks can be very beneficial. Tesla, an American auto maker and energy storage company, plans to take over the idea. It prepares to reveal the Tesla Semi by the end of this month. However, when the product will be revealed, using it in the transportation industry will not be as fast as many people can predict. German company of auto making, Mercedes Benz, has been testing its model of electric truck since April 2016. Formerly, it has been confirmed that electric trucks will be highly usable in the nearest future. Although, we will not see roads full of electric trucks in the upcoming months, the society’s adoption of them will eventually take place over the next few years.


What Benefits Does It Have?

To keep it short, electric trucks are cost dynamic. This new technology will have, indeed, other advantages as well. New safety details will be added. The trucks will have some degree of automated driving. The most important feature is the less reliance on the traditional fuel.

It Will Surely Have Threats

Commercial trucks need absolutely another source of power. Heavy trucks mostly are not efficient enough. Having heavy cargo will make the truck much heavier. What about charging stations? That issue is remaining uncertain. After revealing Tesla Semi, there will be problems with people getting charge on stations and not having to stop in the middle of the road. It is a big issue for traffics on freeways. These are vital challenges that auto making companies should consider.

Industry of Trucking

There are two main factors that will show which company will have the most market share. However, the quality of the vehicle remains in the first place. Being the first to produce this kind of vehicle is a proven benefit for the company. Companies must optimize the process of the product. As for Tesla, the process has been quickened because of its presence in mass media. Many analysts said their opinions about the product. One of them even said that it can be the biggest catalyst in trucking in decades.

Kaiser Permanente Grants $794,000 to 3 Non-Profit Organization in Eugene

Recently, Kaiser Permanente is donating a combined $794,000 to three nonprofit organizations in Eugene, Oregon. Within those three nonprofit organizations, two are caused to help the mentally ill and keep housing and one is aimed towards helping low-income parents who have experienced trauma during their own childhood.

ShelterCare and Willamette Family Inc will receive $325,000 each over a time period of 3 ½ years. Trauma Healing Project will receive $144,000 over 3 years. This brings in the total up to $794,000.

All of the organizations had to apply for the grants they received.

The mission of Kaiser Permanente is strictly about improving the health of the communities we serve.

The grants that were received by ShelterCare and Willamette Family Inc are a part of $2.27 million that Kaiser Permanente has aimed towards seven nonprofit organizations in Oregon and Washington. The grant that was given to Trauma Healing Project came from Kaiser Permanente Community

Fund at the NW Health Foundation which is completely separate.

The money that was granted to ShelterCare will help 120 people, Willamette Family Inc will help 300 people, and the Trauma Healing Project will help 650 people.

The aim of ShelterCare is to teach managers and property owners how to properly assist tenants who are mentally ill or have a problem with addiction that are stirring up issues related to housing. As for the Willamette Family Inc, they aim to train health workers providing a rental rehabilitation program for people who suffer with health challenges related to behavior. Finally, Trauma Healing Project aims to help parents who are expecting and parents who have young children and have experienced a type of childhood trauma when they were a child.

Kaiser Permanente was founded in 1945 and is based in Oakland, CA. They are one of the largest nonprofit health care plans in the nation. In 2015, Kaiser Permanente opened a medical clinic and a dental clinic in Eugene. The medical office is located in the same area where the former Eugene Public Library used to be. Whereas, the dental office is located near Vallery River Center in place of the former Fletcher’s for Children store.
Around 10,000 patients are served by Kaiser Permanente in Lane County, which includes 2,000 patients on the Oregon Health Plan. In all, Kaiser Permanente serves over 50,000 members nationwide.

Since opening in Eugene in 2015, the organization has given out over $800,000 in grants.

Eugene School Students Raised $10,000 During Nature Walk

Kennedy Middle School organized a fundraiser and raised over $10.000. Tuesday morning the students took a long walk around Eugene in a company of Eugene Police bike patrol.


Over 500 middle school students took a Nature Walk seven to ten miles long with a Cop fundraiser. They were raising money for field programs, scholarships and programs for future students. It was also a way to support student PRIDE (Positive attitude, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence). The program is made to reward students for good work.

The students of Kennedy Middle School loved the opportunity to help future students. They have raised over $10,000. The donations are also going to be accepted through the weekend.

It is the first time Kennedy Middle School has organized the fundraiser. It was not just a chance to get money for future programs and projects, but for students to be physically active and participate in a social activity.

New Eugene City Hall Costs Much More Than Expected

The new design for the Eugene City Hall can cost the city a lot more than expected. The price has already climbed up to $24 million which is $6 million more than the initial plan has suggested and can go up to about $25 million.

city hallThe officials say that the old building was turned inward and did not look welcoming and accessible.  The new four-story building will be turned outward to “invite people in”. The increase of the cost happened because of the safety reasons. Project managers say that the seismic update is required so the project would be built to last and not fall down in case of an earthquake. They want the highest level of seismic safety used for fire stations and hospitals. To find the money for the upgrade and other additions, the city staff considers fundraising and using the city’s risk fund.

The project arises many objections, as none of the decisions were brought to vote. Some think that the new building will look more like a fortress because all of the over the top safety measures and create a wrong image.

The cost can be reduced if the council votes against some of the additions many people question, such as individual offices for part-time councilors. The voting will take place on the April, 20.

Heavy Snow And Blizzards Expected From Appalachia To Philly


Heavy snow that hit Washington area is expected to arrive from Appalachia to Philly and possibly farther north by the weekend. In Virginal a state of emergency was issued Thursday morning. Power outages and travel disruptions are possible. It is advised to stay off the roads when the storm hits, although they are being prepared for the severe weather.

On Wednesday there was heavy traffic in Maryland because of the storm, and major delays continued through the night. In Virginia, because of the road and ramp closures, there were 767 crashes over a 24-hour period.

The National Weather Service stated that there can be 12-16 inches of snow coming down during the weekend around the I-95. In Philadelphia’s northern suburbs up to a foot of snow is possible. Heavy snow is predicted for Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington. In the District of Columbia a blizzard is possible. In Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas ice and freezing rain are possible.