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Police chase ends in arrest of two suspects

EUGENE, Oregon – Police chased two suspects through Eugene. Additionally, the incident occurred on Monday morning.

Lane County Sheriff’s Office officials report that the chase ended in Springfield. Furthermore, this was after police chased the suspects through Eugene.

Officials identified the two suspects as 30 year-old Ronald Hartsfield and 27 year-old Sarah Baroni. Additionally, Hartsfield was the driver. Therefore, Baroni was the passenger.

Police officers say that Hartsfield took heroin before the chase began. Therefore, medical officials transported him to the hospital once the chase ended.

Also, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office reported that the driver initially gave a false name. Additionally, he did not provide any identification.

Furthermore, officials took both suspects to Lane County Jail. There, officials charged them with two warrants and charges. Also, medical officials provided Baroni with medical evaluation before sending her to jail.

Police officers report that the chase began at approximately 1:20 a.m. First, police stopped a green Ford Expedition. Specifically, this occurred near the 600 block of River Road.

Initially, officials stopped the car for traffic violations. Furthermore, officers suspected Hartsfield was driving under the influence.

Shockingly, as police questioned the driver, a third passenger ran from the car. Then, Hartsfield sped off.

Hartsfield ran through multiple red lights. Specifically, he went from Chambers Street to 7th Avenue, and then to Coburg Road. Eventually, he drove onto Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Then, Hartsfield ended up on a hiking path. This ended the chase. Specifically, this occurred near the West-D boat ramp in Springfield.

Eugene Man Gets Jail Time for Hate Crime

EUGENE, OR – Authorities sentenced Benjamin Jaramillo Hernandez, 69, to 15 months in federal prison and an additional three years supervised release for committing a hate crime against St. Mary Catholic Church. The crime occurred in September of 2018.

Assistant Attorney General Eric Drieban, “As demonstrated by this case, the Civil Rights Division will vigorously prosecute those who violate the right of individuals or entire communities to freely exercise their religious beliefs.”

According to U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams, Hernandez used intimidation and threats of violence to terrorize a single congregation, but Williams noted that the harm from hate crimes extends beyond the specific individuals or group targeted. He went on to say, “These crimes threaten the security, freedom, and well-being of entire communities.”

Renn Cannon, a special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon, made it known that the right to worship freely is fundamental to life in America.

Court documents indicate that Hernandez was forced from the St. Mary property after unleashing an angry outburst. Then, on September 14, a member of the church staff reported to the Eugene Police Department that someone sprayed pepper spray on the door handles and in the mail slot of the St. Mary’s office. Consequently, employees experienced severe burning sensations on their fingers and it also caused respiratory distress.

The FBI Catches Him

The FBI was able to pinpoint Hernandez as the culprit from several surveillance videos. But Hernandez’s harassment of the church doesn’t end here. He later approached the church and accosted a passerby saying, “I’ve got something for you right here.” He then pointed at a bag he was carrying.

This was followed by an incident where a threatening note and seven 10mm Sig hollow point bullets were left in the office. Furthermore, officials identified Hernandez from surveillance footage and arrested him at a local library. Here, officers uncovered pepper spray, shotgun shells, and more 10mm Sig hollow point bullets.

The St. Mary Catholic Church staff and parishioners had been some variety of frightened or deeply concerned throughout the ordeal.

DA Announces Officer was Lawful in Fatal Shooting

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON – On Tuesday the Lane County District Attorney declared that a Springfield police officer was within his rights to use force and shoot and kill Stacy William Kenny. The shooting occurred just last month.

The District Attorney, Patty Perlow, singled out Sgt. Rick A. Lewis as the officer who shot Kenny with his service weapon six times. According to records, Lewis, whose arm was broken during the shooting, entered Kenney’s car through the passenger side. He intended to unbuckle Kenny who’d been uncooperative during the routine traffic stop.

Unfortunately, Kenny then stepped on the gas and accelerated to over 70 mph, heading directly into a row of trees. Lewis was now forced into the passenger seat and responded by firing five of the six shots at Kenny while she drove toward the trees. Kenney was pronounced dead at the scene.

Recently, Kenny had legally changed her name as well as her gender. It was documented in the Lane County Circuit Court in September 2018.

Before the announcement Kenny’s family issued a statement, “We are heartbroken at the loss of our eldest child and our only son. Patrick had a documented nonviolent mental illness for which he was being treated at Lane County Behavioral Health Services.”

The Kenny’s had notified the Springfield police as early as 2018 about their son’s mental illness. They hoped that by informing the police in advance they could keep their son safe. The family has made it known that it will review the DA’s full report in order to fully understand how the tragic events unfolded.

Young Woman Suspected of Robbing Deli at Gunpoint!

EUGENE, OR – The Eugene police are asking the public for help in finding a suspect. An investigation launched regarding an armed robbery. The Eugene robbery occurred in a deli in the Bethel area.  

This incident occurred early Monday morning, just after two in the morning. The deli, Anna’s Deli on Royal Avenue, reported the crime. An employee stated that the suspect, believed to be a woman, robbed the deli at gunpoint. After the suspect received cash from the counter, she left on foot. Allegedly, the suspect walked south along North Danebo Street.

Police, along with the aid of a K9, scoped out the area in search of the suspect. However, despite their efforts, they were not able to find the suspect. However, they received a description of her from the deli employee. Police believe the suspect is in his or her early 20s. In addition, the suspect was somewhere between 5 feet, 5 inches, and 5 feet, 7 inches. They also described him or her as having a thin build.

According to reports, the suspect wore an Oakland Raiders cap. The hat consisted of a flat, silver bill. In addition, the suspect wore a light gray jacket, along with a black and red Portland Trailblazers shirt. He or she also wore a metal necklace, which hung down to the middle of his or her chest. Also, the suspect wore black gloves along with white shoes.

Now, it is unclear where the suspect fled. The police ask that the public keep an eye out for anyone with this description. Anyone with any information at all is asked to call the Eugene police department. Hopefully, the incident will be resolved and the suspect found soon in this Eugene robbery.

Llama on the Portland Rail Goes Viral!

PORTLAND, OR – Caesar, a public figure in Oregon, is a no drama llama. Although, this weekend he didn’t live up to his name. On Sunday, the llama was spotted on Oregon’s rail service. A particular Reddit user posted a picture of Caesar and the scene went viral.

Oregon’s light rail service, or Metropolitan Area Express (MAX), doesn’t normally allow animals. Therefore, Caesar’s appearance was a shock. TriMet confirmed that the animal shouldn’t have been riding the rail. Even with valid fare or a Hop card, animals are not allowed to ride, a TriMet spokesperson confirme. Animals are only allowed to board if they are a service animal or are in an enclosed carrier. And Caesar, bigger than his owner, likely wouldn’t fit in one.

Caesar, the “no drama llama”, took the MAX train on Sunday while on his way to Wizard Con. But it wasn’t only Caesar. The group consisted of his social media coordinator and his handler.

Caesar is not a registered service animal. Although, on his Instagram, it states, “#llamactivist protecting and promoting civil rights for all & spreading llama love.” Clearly, by the photos on this Instagram page, that this llama is affectionate. It’s obvious he puts a smile on faces of the people he meets.

According to his website, Caesar is quite popular in Portland. The llama started off as a special guest at a Bill Burgess campaign and the “No Drama Llama” wave began. He can be hired for charities, businesses or personal events.

While Caesar was spotted on the bus, some found his visit on the bus delightful, while others reproached it. Social media was a space for the great debate, all the while it brought Caesar’s recognition up!

Finally, Caesar and his entourage apologized for the trouble and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Middle School Parent Fatally Shot During a Custody Dispute!

EUGENE, OR – Oregon District Attorney (DA) has ruled on a case that resulted in the fatality of a middle-school parent. Thus, the two police officers involved in this tumult are “legally justified” in their actions.  

Shortly after the officers asked this parent, Charles Landeros, to leave school grounds during a custody disagreement, he resisted. Unfortunately, this resulted in the man’s death. The shooting occurred on school grounds, Cascade Middle School, and the DA claimed that it was in the defense of the officers themselves and others on the premises.

Interestingly, Landeros wears a “smash the patriarchy” shirt during the debacle. Some people have pointed this out as an indication of predetermined violence.

Unfortunately, as was obvious within the bodycam video, the victim had no regard for the officers’ lives.

The Logistics

After the resistance to taking Landeros outside, police attempted to put the man under arrest.  Supporting him against a brick wall, the two officers attempted to handcuff the man but failed. In this skirmish, Landeros had gotten away from the wall and reached for a handgun tucked in his waistband. Then, while wrestling him to the ground, Landeros fired multiple shots toward the two officers. One officer, Officer Tim, returned fire with a single shot that struck Landeros in the head.

Interestingly, Landeros was a concealed handgun licensed holder. Also, the gun was legally purchased. Although, the gun was loaded with a large number of rounds, which wasn’t necessary.

The DA claims that Timm saved the life himself, his partner, and the children at the school. Therefore, justifying the use of deadly force.

Walmart Wash-Ups!

EUGENE, ORE – This Friday, police arrested three people for Walmart theft. The Walmart, on West 11th Ave., claimed that the thieves stole items from Target as well.

Police identified Michael Steven Handy who is thirty-two-years-old after suspiciously running out of a Walmart on Friday evening. The man, while running out of the Walmart dropped one of his backpacks. This backpack contained stolen items from both Walmart AND Target. After the officer saw the backpack drop, the chase pursued. Although, this Walmart theft has a happy ending. The officer eventually arrived close enough to Handy to give him commands at taser-point. After some coaxing, Handy eventually got to the ground and the police put him into custody. Consequently, Handy’s charges were Theft in the second degree (on two accounts) and resisting arrest.

Meanwhile, a second situation arose at the same Walmart. Later, a couple grabbed the backpack that Handy had dropped on his way out. Because the officer just put the backpack aside, the pair assumed the backpack was fair game. Not only did this backpack contain items from Walmart, but it also held stolen merchandise from Target.

Fortunately, someone had witnessed both incidents. A bystander witnessed the couple take the backpack and led officers to the female’s home. The woman was Lucy Jesala Rubio, eighteen, and her boyfriend was Conner Oryan Cargil, twenty. The police charged the couple with two counts. The counts were second-degree theft and tampering with physical evidence.

Police Standoff Results in Pills and Pot Seized

EUGENE, OREGON – Police identified and arrested two men from southwest Eugene from a standoff on Thursday evening.
The men identified were a Matthew O’Neil, age 22, and Alexander Steven King, age 21, who are currently in custody at the Lane County Jail on many charges. These charges originally stemmed from a shot fired at the Prospect Park Apartments. The first suspect, O’Neil, has pending charges on account of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct of the second degree, reckless endangerment, unlawful use of a weapon, and delivery of prescription drugs to a minor. The second suspect has pending accusations of disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.
Statement of the final charges will take place on Monday afternoon. The police returned to the scene of the crime on Friday morning. In doing so, circumstantial evidence could be more easily found in the daytime.  The police discovered a stolen firearm, and many other weapons, and drugs from the apartment. The Sergeant refused to identify the specific types of drugs until they are 100% sure. Although, there is confirmation of 700 pills and six pounds of marijuana.

Details of the Standoff

The standoff was a result of many late-night complaints and many occasions of suspicious activity reported by neighbors. King, although in the apartment while the stand-off occurred, was not residing in the apartment. His residence is not identified at the moment, but there is an expectation of similarities to O’Neil’s apartment. No injuries occurred at the stand-off and there were no other persons within the apartment.
Neighbors reported shots fired at 4:30 PM in their 911 call on Thursday evening. When the police responded and attempted contact with King and O’Neil, both ignored the police and further action. A crisis negotiator and a SWAT team dealt with the stand-off for hours. It wasn’t until 10 P.M. that the two came outside and were arrested.

Eugene School District Volunteer Committee has 2 Openings for Budget Monitoring

Eugene, Oregan – Eugene School district is looking for applicants to fill out two open positions on the volunteer committee.

Volunteer committee reviews budget proposals to ensure that the district spends its money in a way that furthers district goals.

According to district officials, the committee reviews the proposed annual district budget, gets feedback from citizens, and then approves the budget for the school board to consider for adoption.

The members serve for three years term with no compensation in return.  There is a possibility to reapply.

The deadline for receiving application is until November 26.

For those who are interested in applying for those two positions, can find information at, or checking out the Eugene District Education Center at 200 N. Monroe St.

The committee of volunteers has requirements for the openings at the Eugene School district. The committee applicants must be registered voters and reside within the boundaries of Eugene School District.

It’s not mandatory to be parents of students to be in the committee. Eugene School district employees are not eligible for the committee.

Eugene Springfield Fire Will Release An App to get Prompt Alerts

Eugene, Oregon – Eugene Springfield Fire is about to release a new app, which will help save lives. Due to the new app people can find out if there is an emergency in their area.

Pulse Point is a free app that is used around the nation. It alerts app users when there is a cardiac arrest in a public place close by.

EMS Chief of Eugene Springfield Fire, JoAnna Kampii said the app is a game changer. First of all, it allows people to start CPR before the first responders get there.

The response time for the crew is about four minutes inside the city limits.

The Eugene Springfield Fire will also serve as a notification in case of fires and crashes so that people avoid the affected areas.

The Pulse Point app was funded by Peace Health, McKenzie Willamette Medical Center and the Fire Defense Board. The grant was provided to get the application into service in the country.

The EMS Chief of Eugene Springfield Fire, JoAnna Kampii, is very grateful for receiving the grant and being able to release this new app.

The ultimate test will be done this week to ensure the app is completely functional before they release the app to the public.

Pulse Point is going to be available to the public on Monday, November 5.

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