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The Porsche Taycan Cross Tourismo Will Launch

Porsche has recently unveiled its plans to launch the Taycan Cross Tourismo.

Porsche hasn’t been too sneaky with releasing photos of its new project. This comes as a surprise for many car fanatics. With Porsche quickly developing its EV program, it is expected to hit the market some time next year.

Aside from the photos that Porsche has released, nobody actually knows what is going on inside the machine. The vehicle is shown to be a blend between the Mission E Cross Tourismo with the recently released Taycan.

This indicates a few things. The first is that the company is highlighting more sporty features for its EV line. With the proportions and features of a Taycan, the car needs to live up to the hype. This has also given way to more off-road capabilities. With its raised suspension and wider flares, the car looks like it can handle the off-roading challenges that its crossover line has utilized.

What else do we know about that car? Well the powertrain is pretty much up in the air at this point. MotorTrend expects it’ll be similar to the all-wheel-drive power Taycan 4S and Turbo. The two-motor setup will produce a whopping 522 horsepower. With an upgraded 93-kw battery pack, the car has the potential of 670 horsepower.

Porsche Taycan Range

One of the downsides for this model is the battery range. The original Taycan has the reach of approxmately 200 miles per charge. This is far below the competitive rate for many electric cars. Unfortunately with what we can see, the new version will have about the same.

As for the price, the car is projecting a price tag of $105,000 and up. This price works alongside the Porsche Taycan sedan. This might change, however. Porsche is currently working on less-expensive models.

We do not know about Porsche’s not-so-secret redesign, but we are excited that production is rolling out faster than we had originally expected.

Decontamination To Begin In Eugene

Decontamination has begun in Eugene. One big issue that the world is facing is not just the effects of the coronavirus, but the aftermath. With masks being bought up like hot-cakes the disposal has created concerns.

Current Decontamination Issues

Gloves and masks have been leaving shelves empty since the start of the outbreak. With so many people using a disposable form of face masks, many are left in parking lots and streets across the country.

For many, they find this to be an easy escape. Instead of taking them off and disposing of the properly, they leave them in shopping cars and grocery bags. This has negative consequences. For starters many who must dispose of those belongings have a higher chance of contracting COVID-19.

Streets in major metropolitan areas have taken a large hit with garbage not being properly disposed of.

Eugene Steps Up Their Efforts

You may have seen this on the news. People dressed up from head-to-toe in white hazmat suits are spraying down populated areas in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Similar in style to decontaminating places like Fukushima. Its uneasy, being a resident and seeing numbers of white-walkers slowly and methodically pacing down the street.

Many residents understand the circumstances for the efforts but have remained cautious and sometimes scared to see the effects this virus has taken.

Decontamination Across The World

Across the pond, Italians are also seeing decontamination efforts. Italy is the largest epicenter in Europe. With other major European nations like Germany, England, and France not far behind, Italy is fighting a long battle.

Korea and Japan are also going through major decontamination efforts. They have done such a good job that each country has been able to flatten the curve.

Eugene is just one city in a dozen US cities that are fighting back hard with decontamination efforts. The future is still uncertain as to when a curve will appear. Projections state that reopening won’t happen until June of 2020.

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Glow Over Eugene

Friday night, in the skies above Eugene, a series of brightly glowing lights captivated spectators below. Accounts of anywhere from a dozen to 60 lights grabbed the attention of people on the ground, curious as to their nature. Instead of unidentified flying objects, they came from a terrestrial origin. They came from SpaceX program Starlink.

Who in the Lane County area saw fast moving lights last night in the sky? They were described to look like bright stars. Lots of my friends are talking about this right now!

Posted by That Oregon Life on Saturday, April 18, 2020

They appeared at approximately 9:26 pm. Shortly thereafter, phone calls poured into KATU2 newsroom reporting the mysterious lights. They fielded calls from Gearhart, Salem, McMinnville, Canby and Lake Oswego in addition to Eugene.

A website for the SpaceX Starlink program predicted the timing. It also stated another viewing came around very early Saturday, at around 4:33 am.

The satellites catch rays from the sun when the perfectly align with it, reflecting back down to Earth. The glint of sunlight results in the display Eugene experienced Friday evening.

SpaceX Program to Deliver Internet in Rural Areas

The stated purpose of the Starlink program is to deliver high speed internet to areas otherwise incapable of receiving it. Since satellites float in orbit and essentially beam internet down, they avoid pitfalls of ground networks.

Their website refers to it as a “global network unbounded by ground infrastructure limitations,” and says its capabilities exceed traditional satellite internet. It began this year in the northern US as well as Canada. However, SpaceX hopes to begin expansion next year with the lofty ultimate goal of “global coverage.”

The profits from the Starlink program will serve an even loftier ambition. SpaceX plans to use them to fund their Mars program, in which they intend to put humans on the red planet by 2024.

Alongside SpaceX, other companies, such as commercial jet behemoth Boeing. After repeated budget cuts for NASA, private corporations poured into space travel as a field for expansion. Their aggressive pursuit aims to capitalize on the future of humanity’s exploration, banking on its ability to doggedly chase after the stars in the coming decades.

Police Use Of Force In Arrest Under Investigation

Late last week, Eugene police arrested 33-year-old Jared Anders Roy. During the arrest, a bystander captured video of their use of force, which now prompts an investigation into the matter.

Preceding the incident, Roy visited friends at St. Vincent de Paul, a nonprofit human services organization. They provide food, shelter, and clothing, and other services to the homeless. There, he exhibited what officials at the nonprofit described as “an altered and heightened state” while in the lunchroom of their Eugene Service Station. According to police, the call they received reported Roy throwing items and refusing to leave.

Following his display, he rushed out of the facility. In response, staff at the nonprofit put in calls to police and CAHOOTS. CAHOOTS, which stands for Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets, assists law enforcement by providing specialized medical and behavioral services.

However, police encountered Roy first.

Following the call, an officer saw Roy walking along the 2900 block of Elmira Road. More police arrived to make an arrest. As the incident escalated, Rebecca Bourne, a resident from across the street, took notice and began recording.

Video Captures Violent Police Arrest

In the video, three officers work together to restrain Roy. One wrangles Roy’s arms to clasp his wrists in cuffs. Another stands over firing a taser into Roy’s back. A third, crouched beside Roy, strikes him in the face multiple times while he lies on his belly, arms held behind his back.

During the recording, Bourne says, “I know he’s fighting, but there’s no need to punch him in the face like that.” Later, in speaking with reporters from The Oregonian, she said, “He looked to be fully restrained while being struck.”

Eventually, paramedics arrived to transport Roy to the hospital. There, they treated him as an “Assault Victim” with “Altered Mental Status.” Roy had bruises, a black eye, and taser divots in the flesh of his back. After treatment, police arrested Roy, who later posted bail.

As a result of the altercation, an independent auditor launched an investigation into the use of force. Their findings will determine if it was reasonable.

Hash Oil Explosion Sends 1 To Hospital

Following an explosion in a residential neighborhood on Eugene’s west side, authorities suspect a hash oil operation as the culprit.

Police officers and firefighters responded to calls of an explosion Tuesday evening. They arrived on the 2900 block of Roosevelt Ave. around 6:30 pm.

First responders took 1 man to the hospital. He reportedly sustained injuries in connection with the explosion. Further details regarding his identity and condition remain unknown.

Upon investigation, authorities discovered evidence to suggest the explosion directly resulted from a butane hash oil operation. While Oregon legalized cannabis consumption in 2014 by passing ballot measure 91, production requires permits and regulatory compliance.

Home manufacturing of hash oil is illegal. Following several incidents of explosions, the reasoning becomes clear.

Hash Oil Manufacturing Pitfalls

In response to several fires resulting from the practice, Governor Kate Brown made the production of cannabis extracts illegal for anyone without a proper license.

Shortly thereafter, law enforcement made the first arrest under the new law. In 2016, a man residing in Springfield became the first to face charges of illegally producing cannabinoid extract.

However, he wasn’t the last. The following year, another man living in Cottage Grove received a prison sentence of 7 years. He operated a warehouse where he produced cannabinoid extract. That warehouse ignited, leading to his arrest.

As recently as last month, another individual sustained burns in connection with a suspected extract operation. He ran it out of a building he and his wife squatted in.

The volatile nature of cannabinoid extraction lies in the use of butane. The process involves dissolving cannabis leaves in a highly flammable solvent. Then, the second step sees the manufacturer cooking it. It produces fumes that often linger, presenting a fire and explosion hazard. Still, people utilize the method because it produces a cannabis product up to five times as potent as smoking bud.

Cap and Trade Bill Passes Committee

Senate Bill 1530 received some last-minute tweaks before receiving a vote from the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources to move the bill. SB 1530 seeks to implement a cap and trade system for Oregon industry.

Before it reaches the senate floor, the Joint Committee on Ways and Means takes it up. However, with a quick passage, it could arrive in the senate around the middle of next week.

The last-minute amendments appeased Republican detractors. Oregon’s Democrats worked for over a decade to pass some form of cap and trade policy in the state. Now, they finally arrive at the finish line. Though, Republicans signal dissatisfaction. In order to halt the bill’s passage, they may stage a walkout. Doing so would deny the senate a quorum, a tactic they utilized once last year.

Among other changes, the revisions include exempting Curry and Coos counties, and Bend and Klamath Falls until 2028.

Cap and Trade Draws Support, Ire

Thousands rallied at the Capitol in the run-up to the vote. Supporters and critics alike voiced their opinion at the building’s steps.

Renew Oregon, a clean energy coalition, released a statement from its executive director, Tera Hurst. In it, she expressed conflicting emotions. On the one hand, the bill represents forward momentum towards reduction. On the other, last-minute compromises show the influence of industry actively working against environmentally conscious policy.

“Even still, this is a good step toward meaningful climate action, which we’ll continue to push for on behalf of a vast majority of Oregonians who want to see it happen now,” the statement read.

Still, others criticize the passage, citing the inability for public engagement as it makes its way through the legislature. The Partnership for Oregon Communities, an organization comprised of industry interests, pushes against SB 1530 by citing previous measures and claiming negative economic impact.

With senate Republicans threatening to steal the vote away, the Partnership may just get what it wants.

Killer Escapes From Local Authorities

A killer convicted of murdering his own mother managed to escape from under the supervision of the Psychiatric Security Review Board.

Thaddeus Ziemlak, the 36-year-old escaped killer, left his residential facility the morning of January 5. The excursion was a planned community outing from which he was scheduled to return at 2:30 pm.

However, Ziemlak failed to return to the residence.

Subsequently, the review board released a notice. The Eugene Police Department then forwarded the notice, requesting public assistance in finding Ziemlak.

Ziemlak stands 5 feet 10 inches, weighing approximately 170 pounds, with green eyes, and light brown hair. He wears glasses, and at the time of his disappearance, wore a zip-up black hoodie sweatshirt, blue jeans, black tennis shoes, and beanie-style black hat. Notably, Ziemlak’s face features scars from acne, forming pockmarks across his cheeks.

The police also mentioned he carried a black backpack when he went missing, and generally walks with his head hung.

Most importantly, the notice explains not to interact with Ziemlak. They consider the killer dangerous and therefore recommend staying away. Instead, if seen, police request individuals to call them immediately.

The Killer’s Crime

Ziemlak’s conviction followed the murder of his mother in February of 2004. Police responded to an emergency call from his mother. In the call, Joyce Zeimlak informed dispatch her son armed himself with a rifle and threatened to kill her.

Law enforcement arrived to discover her body. In the brief interim between the phone call and their arrival, Thaddeus shot his mother with the rifle twice in the head, killing her.

Then 20-year-old Zeimlak faced murder charges for the crime. However, in September of the same year, court records show he was found guilty except for insanity.

Therefore, he was placed into the custody of the Oregon Psychiatric Review Board instead of facing prison time.

Since his conviction, Thaddeus twice escaped custody, once in November of 2006, and again in November of 2009. In the first case, during an approved visit to a sporting goods store in Salem, Ziemlak slipped away from his supervising hospital staff member.

The details of the second escape are unknown, though both times saw his return without incident.

If you encounter Thaddeus Zeimlak, don’t engage. Call police immediately.

City Hall Project Mired By Cost Estimates

City councilors addressed concerns regarding the construction of a new City Hall in a meeting last month, reports The Register-Guard. With a new price tag exceeding a previously denied estimate, officials face a tough road ahead.

The construction of a new building comes as part of a broader initiative. The town square planning initiative also includes plans for a year-round farmer’s market, as well as updates to downtown’s largest park, Parks Blocks. Those two projects, taking place on Eighth Ave and Oak St, avoided the sort of controversy the new City Hall plans attract. Officials released details regarding those, but appear coy on decisions surrounding a new home for the council.

Eugene’s savings include about $12 million for a new City Hall. The previous plan, scrapped for excessive costs, rose to $28 million. The new plans exceed $30 million.

The previous City Hall went $10 million over budget in a construction process largely hidden from public scrutiny. Lingering public resentment gives present councilors pause regarding over-ambitious plans.

Questions Addressed for New City Hall Construction

City councilors attempted to tackle some of the biggest questions surrounding the project at a meeting last month.

Regarding the addition of floors for leasing, most of the council seemed disinterested. More floors, they suggested, complicated the process and slowed it down. A new City Hall was slated to open years ago. At this point, they just want to complete the project.

Regarding whether council spaces would be available for community use, councilors responded favorably. If the city pays for a new, significant structure, public use ensures the City Council won’t monopolize it.

Underground parking was shot down. Estimates rise to $9 million on the low end, a line item councilors couldn’t justify.

It appears to be an open question whether or not the building will exceed earthquake resistance standards. Higher earthquake resistance incurs a significantly higher cost, but the building would serve as a shelter.

Debate proceeds and the delay continues, but councilors insist upon cost-conscious plans.

Police Seek Driver in High-Speed Chase

EUGENE, OR – A high-speed chase has police asking for the public’s assistance in locating the driver involved. The man led officers on a wild pursuit on the Beltline Monday.

According to the information police received, the man was driving a green four-door 2003 Toyota Camry. In addition to this, the vehicle has a light gray bumper with a license plate 732LHD. Moreover, police received reports of a driver speeding east on the Beltline at around 3 p.m.

Still, the driver tried to escape from the police. He continued to drive recklessly in the vicinity of Beltline and Gateway Street, according to officers. And, a high-speed chase ensued.

It should be of note, police provided information from other drivers who were witnesses to the high-speed chase. As a result, officers were able to track down the vehicle involved in the pursuit just a short distance away. However, the driver was not with the car at the time.

Furthermore, the driver was seen fleeing the scene in an older white and blue Jeep Grand Cherokee, confirmed police. A police dog was used to locate the driver. However, efforts proved to be unsuccessful.

Apart from this, the suspect is described as a 6 feet tall, black male with a medium build. He is also said to be around the age of 30.

Importantly, for anyone with information regarding the incident, Jeep, or suspicious activity in the Game Farm Road and Pheasant Boulevard area, it is important to contact authorities. Officer Randy Sewell can be reached at 541-682-5157.

Elected Officials Hold Conference Supporting DACA

EUGENE, Ore. – Elected officials such as Rep. Peter Defazio, Ron Wyden, and State Commissioner Val Hoyle were among others who held a conference on Sunday for those ready to support and fight for the well-being of Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Furthermore, DACA was created during Obama’s term and serves as an immigration alternative for immigrants who arrived in the United States before the age of 16. Although DACA does not provide permanent residency, it does provide protection from deportation temporarily, work authorization, and the ability to apply for a social security number. DACA has been a highlight of many fearful residents nationwide since President Trump announced the termination of the program in 2017.

State Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle adds his remarks, “We have to pass because we have a senate that is in control of people who do not have empathy who will say this is not about race, but at the end of the day we know that it is and we call it like it is.”

Trump’s decision to end the immigration policy will be on thin ice Tuesday, as it has the potential to affect 700,000 Americans, 10,000 of those being in Oregon.

Supreme Court Justices will hear arguments concerning whether Trump’s decision to terminate DACA was lawful or not.

Elected officials in the Eugene community took this opportunity to hold a conference to spread the message and affirm that they not only support DACA but will fight to preserve the policy.

Rep. Peter Defazio spoke out on his support for immigration reform, “The support for Dreamers is in the upper 80s, some of Trump’s supporter base are agreeing for the relief of Dreamers because they know they surround their communities.”

Moreover, DACA student Cynthia Aguilar Arizmendi shares her insight when she took to the podium to spread the importance of the immigration policy. “This conversation is not about red or blue,” she says, “It’s that we are erasing the fact that there are people who will be affected by this.”

Senator, Ron Wyden goes on to add, “This is about a real and frightening threat they may be ripped away from their families and the only country they’ve ever known.”

The group continued to emphasize the importance of meetings like this not to just call for action form the senate, but from the Supreme court.  The debate surrounded the fate of DACA not only continues to spread throughout Oregon but across the country as well.

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