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Six-story Mixed-use Building Downtown was Proposed by Eugene Developer

The first cross-laminated timber building a six-story building in the center of the city is proposed by a local developer.

The building would feature three stories of market-rate housing, mainly studio apartments, ground-floor trade as well as two floors of office space.

The above-mentioned building is called The Warehouse, would be at 11th Avenue and Oak Street, on the site of the one-story building previously housed Thompson’s Electronics. The place is near north of First Christian Church.
Craig Weicker, who is developing the project with the help of his limited liability company, Geary Street Ventures said: “I’m trying to create a vibrant community there in the building that would add to the downtown community, as well.”

Property records show that Geary Street Ventures obtained the almost quarter–acre property from the Thompson family for $1,010,000 in June.
Weicker said he scheduled to apply for building permits most likely in January. He said that if the project stays on agenda, workers would break ground next summer.
He declined to unfold a total project cost.

Missing Eugene Man Found In Wilderness By U.S. Coast Guard

On Wednesday Morning, a man who has been reported missing since Monday was found alive by a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter. On Monday, a City of Eugene employee was reported missing after not returning from a hike in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness area, which is about 40 miles southwest of Grants Pass.

“The Coast Guard did locate him and they’re hoisting him out as we speak,” Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel said around 11:30 a.m Wednesday.

The man’s condition was not immediately known.

On Tuesday, search and rescue teams were sent out in the search for Matt Denberg. A friend of Matt Denberg’s was informed about his whereabouts, Babyfoot Trail from Friday to Sunday, before the trip. Denburg had asked his friend to notify authorities he he had not returned from his trip by a certain time.

By Monday evening, the Sheriff was notified.

“A friend of his called and said he was supposed to be back on Sunday, so we went out to the trail head and sure enough his car was there,” Daniel said.

Crews started searching for Denberg via air Tuesday morning.

Matt Denberg is believed to be about 45 years old.

“We sent out two fixed-wing airplanes to cover the six-day trail hike and couldn’t locate anything,” Daniel said. “It’s a huge area with a pretty expansive trail system, maybe 45 miles.”

On Wednesday morning the U.S. Coast Guard joined in efforts with a helicopter.

Daniel said a local search and rescue member who knows the area well helped the Coast Guard with their search.

Additional information will be added to the story as it becomes available.

Fatal Crash In Eugene Took The Life Of A 20 Year Old Male

Police are still investigating a single vehicle crash that occurred late Sunday night in Eugene. A 20 year old Eugene resident fell victim to the crash.


Authorities identified him as Lian Esrael Graves.


The victim and a 17 year old male were ejected out of the 1993 Volkswagen Passat, after the vehicle lost control near 11pm on Central Road East of Veneta.


The 17 year old has been identified but police refuse to release information about his identity. All we know is that he is suffering from very critical injuries and appears to be in critical condition.


Looking at the preliminary investigation, the vehicle was traveling in the north direction, soon after for a reason which is not yet disclosed, the vehicle began to swerve out of control, veering off the road while making a left turn.


The vehicle continued along the road’s shoulder until it flipped over and hit a fence. The vehicle ended up landing on its roof and catching a blaze shortly after.


The 20 year old Graves was pronounced dead on scene.


The 17 year old was first taken to PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend in Springfield in order to receive treatment but he was later transferred to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.


Central Road remained closed to traffic for six hours after the crash.

750 Traffic Incidents Reported In Eugene by ODOT During the Weekend

Within the last few days, about 750 traffic incidents have been reported by ODOT. Within these 750 traffic incidents, 91 were road hazards, 266 were related to disabled vehicles, and 394 accidents were reported. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported. The biggest contributor is the weather conditions that are now occurring in Eugene, OR.
ODOT is urging all motorists to stay safe while traveling during this heavy storm.
There have been travel requirements and chain regulations posted that should be followed. It is highly recommended to slow down and be patient while driving to your destination. If one fails to adhere to these requirements, a fine of about $160 can be expected.
For anyone whose vehicle might become disabled or stop running, it is urged that you DO NOT leave it in the middle of the road. You should move it to the side of the plowed road and leave a note on it explained when you will be able to move it. According to state law, a vehicle that is abandoned at a hazardous state needs to be moved immediately by a tow truck. If you abandon your vehicle in a less hazardous location, you have a timeframe of 24 hours to move your vehicle, in which after, it will get towed.
You should always be prepared when traveling just in case the weather or any other issue forces you to get stuck you should have food, water and blankets available. Putting away all distractions which includes, mobile devices is also best. Be sure to get plenty of rest before traveling. During the holidays, the number of fatigued and tired drivers increases. Always wear a seat belt and follow safety laws to make sure you arrive to your destination is soon as possible.

A New Bridge Above Amazon Creek Makes Travel for Cyclists, Pedestrians and Buses Easier

Construction has begun over Amazon Creek in plans for a cyclist and pedestrian bridge. The $100 million project is called the Eugene EmX project. The bridge will provide a safe route for cyclists and pedestrians that go through different neighborhoods that are located south of the creek all the way to W 11th Ave. The bridge is 90 feet long connects bicycles and pedestrians to a bus stop and W 11th Ave.
A faster and more frequently passing variety of buses will be available for use next year. The construction for the 4 ½ mile route for this bus started three years ago between downtown and Randy Pape Beltline which is intersected with W 11th Ave. These buses will give cyclists the option to walk on to the bus with their bikes and have them parked on the inside. This rapid bus is scheduled for September 2017.
The bridge is scheduled to finish spring 2017. One bridge has already been finished and installed at Acorn Park. Another bridge is scheduled to be built as a part of the project but the location and dates are not known. This bridge will serve the residents who live in neighborhoods that are located south of the creek and will be useful for people who shop and work on W 11th Ave.
A $2.9 million state grant covers the cost of the bridges. Each bridge weighs about, if no more than 42,000 lbs which is about 21 tons. The bridges will also be the same width which is 14 ft wide, with the same arch design and grey paint. A company in Minnesota is responsible for building the structure.

Mail Theft Spread Out In Eugene

The Eugene Police Department continues investigating into mail theft that keeps happening in the city even after some people have been arrested.

mail theftThe police are looking into the thefts and tracking the thefts. More patrol resources are added to solve the problem. The department is also working with postal inspector and Eugene postal offices.

According to the results of analysis conducted during investigation, there are more suspects involved in mail thefts that have spread out. Thieves target cluster-style mail boxes they can force or pry open.

North Eugene east of River Road, Southwest Eugene south of 18th Avenue and Hendricks Park area are some of the areas that have been hit by mail thefts.

If you notice any suspicious activity or mail theft, please report it to the police using non-emergency line at 541-682-5111.

To protect your mail, place your outgoing mail in a secured box in the post office. Don’t leave delivered mail overnight and remove it as soon as possible. If you are going away for vacation, stop the mail until you come back.

Eugene Airport Keeps Setting Records

The Eugene Airport continues setting records with the number of passengers using its services in April. Almost 76,000 travelers used the airport and it is 6.34% more than in April last year when over 62,000 people traveled through it.

eugene airport

There are several reasons the airport is getting more and more popular. A good economy situation and the flights to San Jose, CA, that started in fall last year, contributed to increasing passengers activity. Also the terminals have been improved and that made the security lines shorter attracted more travelers to the airport.

The number of the travelers going through the Eugene Airport keeps increasing, and Tim Doll, airport Director, says that everything is being done to improve passengers’ experience, and local economy is helping the positive trend.

Also there have been three sport events, such the Oregon Relays, the Eugene Marathon and the Big O Roller derby tournament, in the end of April and the beginning of May attracted many people to the city and they used airlines to get to Eugene.

As for airlines, Alaska Airlines got an increase of 18% since April last year. Also, 14% more passengers traveled from Alaska to Eugene comparing to April 2015.

For the year, over 284,000 traveled through Eugene Airport, and that is 13,000 more than a year before for the same period. A total of over 909,000 people used the airport last year, which is 1.82% more than in 2014.

Trump Sets Up Campaign Center In Eugene

Donald Trump is going to make two stops in Oregon.trump

The Republican presidential candidate has organized campaign centers in Eugene and Tigard where volunteers can come and do work like phoning bank and perform other tasks for the campaign. Trump Is planning to visit Oregon before the May 17th primary and his campaign’s director, Jacob Daniels, says that they’re taking the state “very seriously”.

In Eugene the center’s location is at 2480 West Seventh Place.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the Democrat presidential candidates, also have campaign centers in Oregon. Sanders has his campaign center in Eugene and Portland. Clinton’s campaign office is in Portland opened since Tuesday.

Other Republican candidates have not set up campaign headquarters in Oregon.