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Middle School Parent Fatally Shot During a Custody Dispute!

EUGENE, OR – Oregon District Attorney (DA) has ruled on a case that resulted in the fatality of a middle-school parent. Thus, the two police officers involved in this tumult are “legally justified” in their actions.  

Shortly after the officers asked this parent, Charles Landeros, to leave school grounds during a custody disagreement, he resisted. Unfortunately, this resulted in the man’s death. The shooting occurred on school grounds, Cascade Middle School, and the DA claimed that it was in the defense of the officers themselves and others on the premises.

Interestingly, Landeros wears a “smash the patriarchy” shirt during the debacle. Some people have pointed this out as an indication of predetermined violence.

Unfortunately, as was obvious within the bodycam video, the victim had no regard for the officers’ lives.

The Logistics

After the resistance to taking Landeros outside, police attempted to put the man under arrest.  Supporting him against a brick wall, the two officers attempted to handcuff the man but failed. In this skirmish, Landeros had gotten away from the wall and reached for a handgun tucked in his waistband. Then, while wrestling him to the ground, Landeros fired multiple shots toward the two officers. One officer, Officer Tim, returned fire with a single shot that struck Landeros in the head.

Interestingly, Landeros was a concealed handgun licensed holder. Also, the gun was legally purchased. Although, the gun was loaded with a large number of rounds, which wasn’t necessary.

The DA claims that Timm saved the life himself, his partner, and the children at the school. Therefore, justifying the use of deadly force.

Walmart Wash-Ups!

EUGENE, ORE – This Friday, police arrested three people for Walmart theft. The Walmart, on West 11th Ave., claimed that the thieves stole items from Target as well.

Police identified Michael Steven Handy who is thirty-two-years-old after suspiciously running out of a Walmart on Friday evening. The man, while running out of the Walmart dropped one of his backpacks. This backpack contained stolen items from both Walmart AND Target. After the officer saw the backpack drop, the chase pursued. Although, this Walmart theft has a happy ending. The officer eventually arrived close enough to Handy to give him commands at taser-point. After some coaxing, Handy eventually got to the ground and the police put him into custody. Consequently, Handy’s charges were Theft in the second degree (on two accounts) and resisting arrest.

Meanwhile, a second situation arose at the same Walmart. Later, a couple grabbed the backpack that Handy had dropped on his way out. Because the officer just put the backpack aside, the pair assumed the backpack was fair game. Not only did this backpack contain items from Walmart, but it also held stolen merchandise from Target.

Fortunately, someone had witnessed both incidents. A bystander witnessed the couple take the backpack and led officers to the female’s home. The woman was Lucy Jesala Rubio, eighteen, and her boyfriend was Conner Oryan Cargil, twenty. The police charged the couple with two counts. The counts were second-degree theft and tampering with physical evidence.

Police Standoff Results in Pills and Pot Seized

EUGENE, OREGON – Police identified and arrested two men from southwest Eugene from a standoff on Thursday evening.
The men identified were a Matthew O’Neil, age 22, and Alexander Steven King, age 21, who are currently in custody at the Lane County Jail on many charges. These charges originally stemmed from a shot fired at the Prospect Park Apartments. The first suspect, O’Neil, has pending charges on account of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct of the second degree, reckless endangerment, unlawful use of a weapon, and delivery of prescription drugs to a minor. The second suspect has pending accusations of disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.
Statement of the final charges will take place on Monday afternoon. The police returned to the scene of the crime on Friday morning. In doing so, circumstantial evidence could be more easily found in the daytime.  The police discovered a stolen firearm, and many other weapons, and drugs from the apartment. The Sergeant refused to identify the specific types of drugs until they are 100% sure. Although, there is confirmation of 700 pills and six pounds of marijuana.

Details of the Standoff

The standoff was a result of many late-night complaints and many occasions of suspicious activity reported by neighbors. King, although in the apartment while the stand-off occurred, was not residing in the apartment. His residence is not identified at the moment, but there is an expectation of similarities to O’Neil’s apartment. No injuries occurred at the stand-off and there were no other persons within the apartment.
Neighbors reported shots fired at 4:30 PM in their 911 call on Thursday evening. When the police responded and attempted contact with King and O’Neil, both ignored the police and further action. A crisis negotiator and a SWAT team dealt with the stand-off for hours. It wasn’t until 10 P.M. that the two came outside and were arrested.

Eugene School District Volunteer Committee has 2 Openings for Budget Monitoring

Eugene SchoolEugene, Oregan – Eugene School district is looking for applicants to fill out two open positions on the volunteer committee.

Volunteer committee reviews budget proposals to ensure that the district spends its money in a way that furthers district goals.

According to district officials, the committee reviews the proposed annual district budget, gets feedback from citizens, and then approves the budget for the school board to consider for adoption.

The members serve for three years term with no compensation in return.  There is a possibility to reapply.

The deadline for receiving application is until November 26.

For those who are interested in applying for those two positions, can find information at, or checking out the Eugene District Education Center at 200 N. Monroe St.

The committee of volunteers has requirements for the openings at the Eugene School district. The committee applicants must be registered voters and reside within the boundaries of Eugene School District.

It’s not mandatory to be parents of students to be in the committee. Eugene School district employees are not eligible for the committee.


Eugene Springfield Fire Will Release An App to get Prompt Alerts

Eugene applicationEugene, Oregon – Eugene Springfield Fire is about to release a new app, which will help save lives. Due to the new app people can find out if there is an emergency in their area.

Pulse Point is a free app that is used around the nation. It alerts app users when there is a cardiac arrest in a public place close by.

EMS Chief of Eugene Springfield Fire, JoAnna Kampii said the app is a game changer. First of all, it allows people to start CPR before the first responders get there.

The response time for the crew is about four minutes inside the city limits.

The Eugene Springfield Fire will also serve as a notification in case of fires and crashes so that people avoid the affected areas.

The Pulse Point app was funded by Peace Health, McKenzie Willamette Medical Center and the Fire Defense Board. The grant was provided to get the application into service in the country.

The EMS Chief of Eugene Springfield Fire, JoAnna Kampii, is very grateful for receiving the grant and being able to release this new app.

The ultimate test will be done this week to ensure the app is completely functional before they release the app to the public.

Pulse Point is going to be available to the public on Monday, November 5.


‘’I am scared. My neighbors are scared’’: Woman got raped in her own place by a stranger

Eugene, Oregon – This week a woman who preferred to remain anonymous have reported about the home invasion and rape. She was raped in her own place by a stranger on Monday.

Lane County Sheriff’s deputies are on their way to find out details about the sexual assault. A sexual assault forensic exam kit is being tested for DNA evidence.

There are no suspects on the assault case involving a woman.  The person attacking her has not been found.

Deputies are interviewing neighbors to find out more information. There is a couple the police are going to talk to. They didn’t manage to talk to them on Monday.

The woman who was raped wanted to share her story to speak out the attack.

She lives in Coburg Road area. The location was a surprise to sheriff’s detective Chad Rogers. He said it’s a place don’t get visited by them very often, since it’s a farm country.

She said she usually close the windows and the door, but last time she was in the rush, so she doesn’t know if she did this time. She mentioned the man was wearing new gloves.

The investigation of the sexual assault involving a woman from Coburg area is still underway. The police officers are asking anyone with the information to call 541-682-4063.


Group of Homeless People Fight Against Camping Ban in Eugene

Eugene protestEugene, Oregon – The 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals recognized criminalizing homeless camping on public property as ‘’unconstitutional’’.

This was last month, and today the protest for action is happening.

The homeless community is protesting near the Lane County Courthouse. A homeless camp appeared right there. Eugene’s court decision is an opportunity to witness some desired changes.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court took a decision to ban the criminalization of homeless camping on public property on September 4th.    This refers to cities not providing enough ‘’non-religious’’ homeless shelters.

The efforts of advocate Eric Jackson to get the Eugene City Council to comply with the decision was not efficient.

The Council said they don’t believe the decision should affect Eugene’s camping ban program. The advocate aims to convince Eugene City to create spaces for the homeless so that they can sleep without disruption.

It makes no sense for the advocate to find a crime in sleeping outside. The homeless camp at the Butterfly lot near 8th st and Oak is owned by the county.

Jackson encouraged the group of homeless people to keep the protest peaceful. They hope the city will rethink their camping ban and look into creating shelters.



Eugene-Based Nonprofit Received $50.000 Grant for Health Care Purposes

Eugene Health CareEugene, Oregon – $50.000 grant from the state was allocated to the Eugene-based non-profit organization, Centro Latino Americano.

The grant was received earlier this month and it is going to serve for health insurance purposes among underserved people in the community.

According to nonprofit organization staff the was received from the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace.

Nonprofit organization employees said the grant will allow them to provide training for four staff members.

It will empower them to help people to sign up for a health insurance and provide outreach in Lane, Douglas, Linn and Benton counties.

Nonprofit organization serve Latino community, the members of which have a language barrier. Accordingly, it creates another barrier in accessing and enrolling for health care.

For instance, Laura Diaz, one of the community members who has been using the nonprofit services for about 20 years doesn’t speak English. She doesn’t have a health insurance.

The fact that the organization received a grant excites her. She believes the organization will be playing a huge role for her and for the whole Latino community with this grant.

The organization provides not only the aspect of translation, but also assisting community members on a daily basis.

Centro Latino is located at the 5th Avenue in Eugene and open to the public Monday through Friday.


Gas Prices Fall in Eugene

EUGENE, OREGON — GasBuddy’s daily survey reports that gasoline prices in Eugene have fallen 2.2 cents per gallon in the past week. GasBuddy compared the Eugene falls with the national average that has fallen 0.8 cents per gallon versus last week to $2.83/g.

Prices on Sunday were 33.6 cents per gallon higher than a year ago and are 4.8 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. The cities nearby Eugene were also affected. Medford, Salem, and Portland.

Gas prices slightly fall in other areas as well. In Tennessee, gas prices slipped a half-cent lower during the past week. Sunday’s state average of $2.58 is 1-cent less than a month ago. However, Tennessee motorists will still pay 6 cents per gallon more compared with the last year figures.

In his interview in June 2018, Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group, mentioned that even though oil prices rose, prices at the pump slipped lower because of declines in gasoline demand. This autumn trend relates to the recent switch to a cheaper-to-produce winter-blend gasoline. Besides, the economists suggest that even though the disruptive hurricane and international events may push up the energy prices, the gasoline prices won’t be affected.


Eugene High School Teacher has been Named 2019 Oregon Teacher of the Year

teacherEUGINE, OREGON — Eugene high school teacher has been named 2019 Oregon Teacher of the year.

Keri Pilgrim Ricker teaches health occupation classes at Churchill High. Ricker coordinates and teaches the school’s career and technical education health services pathway, which includes classes such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and health sciences.

She was recognized for her teaching rooted in real-world lessons that hold students’ interest and prepare them for health careers.

Colt Gill, the school chief, noted that the relevance and rigor of content demonstrated in Keri’s classroom is a model of excellence.

The selection committee highly evaluated her approach towards giving freedom to students for expressing themselves. She motivated the students to speak out about what matters to them. And she prioritized the matters that concerned the students most. She quotes, “We must model civil discourse and provide students an opportunity for practice, so they can navigate the workplace and the world responsibly and with empathy.”

Ricker has a diverse background in biology, ecology, chemistry and animal science. The school chief believes that the diversity of background played a role for the teacher to achieve this recognition.