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‘’I am scared. My neighbors are scared’’: Woman got raped in her own place by a stranger

Eugene, Oregon – This week a woman who preferred to remain anonymous have reported about the home invasion and rape. She was raped in her own place by a stranger on Monday.

Lane County Sheriff’s deputies are on their way to find out details about the sexual assault. A sexual assault forensic exam kit is being tested for DNA evidence.

There are no suspects on the assault case involving a woman.  The person attacking her has not been found.

Deputies are interviewing neighbors to find out more information. There is a couple the police are going to talk to. They didn’t manage to talk to them on Monday.

The woman who was raped wanted to share her story to speak out the attack.

She lives in Coburg Road area. The location was a surprise to sheriff’s detective Chad Rogers. He said it’s a place don’t get visited by them very often, since it’s a farm country.

She said she usually close the windows and the door, but last time she was in the rush, so she doesn’t know if she did this time. She mentioned the man was wearing new gloves.

The investigation of the sexual assault involving a woman from Coburg area is still underway. The police officers are asking anyone with the information to call 541-682-4063.

Group of Homeless People Fight Against Camping Ban in Eugene

Eugene, Oregon – The 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals recognized criminalizing homeless camping on public property as ‘’unconstitutional’’.

This was last month, and today the protest for action is happening.

The homeless community is protesting near the Lane County Courthouse. A homeless camp appeared right there. Eugene’s court decision is an opportunity to witness some desired changes.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court took a decision to ban the criminalization of homeless camping on public property on September 4th.    This refers to cities not providing enough ‘’non-religious’’ homeless shelters.

The efforts of advocate Eric Jackson to get the Eugene City Council to comply with the decision was not efficient.

The Council said they don’t believe the decision should affect Eugene’s camping ban program. The advocate aims to convince Eugene City to create spaces for the homeless so that they can sleep without disruption.

It makes no sense for the advocate to find a crime in sleeping outside. The homeless camp at the Butterfly lot near 8th st and Oak is owned by the county.

Jackson encouraged the group of homeless people to keep the protest peaceful. They hope the city will rethink their camping ban and look into creating shelters.

Eugene-Based Nonprofit Received $50.000 Grant for Health Care Purposes

Eugene, Oregon – $50.000 grant from the state was allocated to the Eugene-based non-profit organization, Centro Latino Americano.

The grant was received earlier this month and it is going to serve for health insurance purposes among underserved people in the community.

According to nonprofit organization staff the was received from the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace.

Nonprofit organization employees said the grant will allow them to provide training for four staff members.

It will empower them to help people to sign up for a health insurance and provide outreach in Lane, Douglas, Linn and Benton counties.

Nonprofit organization serve Latino community, the members of which have a language barrier. Accordingly, it creates another barrier in accessing and enrolling for health care.

For instance, Laura Diaz, one of the community members who has been using the nonprofit services for about 20 years doesn’t speak English. She doesn’t have a health insurance.

The fact that the organization received a grant excites her. She believes the organization will be playing a huge role for her and for the whole Latino community with this grant.

The organization provides not only the aspect of translation, but also assisting community members on a daily basis.

Centro Latino is located at the 5th Avenue in Eugene and open to the public Monday through Friday.

Gas Prices Fall in Eugene

EUGENE, OREGON — GasBuddy’s daily survey reports that gasoline prices in Eugene have fallen 2.2 cents per gallon in the past week. GasBuddy compared the Eugene falls with the national average that has fallen 0.8 cents per gallon versus last week to $2.83/g.

Prices on Sunday were 33.6 cents per gallon higher than a year ago and are 4.8 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. The cities nearby Eugene were also affected. Medford, Salem, and Portland.

Gas prices slightly fall in other areas as well. In Tennessee, gas prices slipped a half-cent lower during the past week. Sunday’s state average of $2.58 is 1-cent less than a month ago. However, Tennessee motorists will still pay 6 cents per gallon more compared with the last year figures.

In his interview in June 2018, Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group, mentioned that even though oil prices rose, prices at the pump slipped lower because of declines in gasoline demand. This autumn trend relates to the recent switch to a cheaper-to-produce winter-blend gasoline. Besides, the economists suggest that even though the disruptive hurricane and international events may push up the energy prices, the gasoline prices won’t be affected.

Eugene High School Teacher has been Named 2019 Oregon Teacher of the Year

EUGINE, OREGON — Eugene high school teacher has been named 2019 Oregon Teacher of the year.

Keri Pilgrim Ricker teaches health occupation classes at Churchill High. Ricker coordinates and teaches the school’s career and technical education health services pathway, which includes classes such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and health sciences.

She was recognized for her teaching rooted in real-world lessons that hold students’ interest and prepare them for health careers.

Colt Gill, the school chief, noted that the relevance and rigor of content demonstrated in Keri’s classroom is a model of excellence.

The selection committee highly evaluated her approach towards giving freedom to students for expressing themselves. She motivated the students to speak out about what matters to them. And she prioritized the matters that concerned the students most. She quotes, “We must model civil discourse and provide students an opportunity for practice, so they can navigate the workplace and the world responsibly and with empathy.”

Ricker has a diverse background in biology, ecology, chemistry and animal science. The school chief believes that the diversity of background played a role for the teacher to achieve this recognition.

Eugene Man Shot By Police Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against The City and Police Officers

Eugene, Oregon—Eugene man shot by police has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Eugene, a police dispatcher and two officers.

He was convicted for raising a gun toward officer during the incident. Rodriguez was shot in 2016, September 10.

He was shot by the officer Mark Hubbard.

He testified that he fired shot after Rodriguez began to raise the pistol toward him.

29-year-old Edgar T. Rodriguez filed on Friday in U.S. District Court in Eugene.

The lawsuit claims that the police violated Rodriguez’s rights by using excessive force against him.

It also asserts claims of negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Rodriguez said at the court that he had taken the large handgun out of his apartment to get it away from his out-of-control visitor.

He said he was going to use the gun to defend himself.

Lane County Circuit Judge Clara Rigmaiden sentenced him to five years of probation for a misdemeanor.

A military veteran who served in Iraq said he did not intend to commit a crime and he is appealing his criminal conviction.

The city intends to vigorously defend its employees.

Eugene police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin said that the officers’ actions were reviewed by both an interagency team of detectives along with the city review board. Rodriguez was found guilty by the jury.

Eugene Finds Ways To Help Homeless

Eugene, Oregon — A group of homeless people in Eugene sued the city for banning them from sleeping in the streets.

The court justified their decision by noting that being homeless in public areas is “an unavoidable consequence of being homeless”.

According to the survey conducted by the Annual Homeless Point, 1500 people are living without a roof. This has increased approximately 5 percent since 2016.

KVAL, a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Eugene, Oregon, is currently conducting its own investigation about the case to help the affected people.

The Lane currently possess 475 year-round emergency beds with the majority at the Eugene Mission.

The Mission allocates shelters and meals to 400 people, however, given the increasing number they cannot cover everyone.

The Eugene Police Department mentions that there is no law that prohibits sleeping or lying in the streets. However, both Eugene and Springfield have some ordinances that prohibit residing in public places. But it is not considered an offense and won’t lead to arrest.

The Eugene Mission is currently looking at various resources and options to help the homeless. It can be either providing them with an ID or helping them find a job. Another option is pairing each homeless person with a case manager that will help them solve their problems with shelter.

Uber Offering Eugene Riders $5 Discounts for Up to 2 Rides

EUGENE, Oregon – On Uber plans to launch service in Eugene starting Thursday, September 6.

Alejandro Chouza, general manager for Uber in the Pacific Northwest, said they are surprised they will soon be turning on rideshare service in Eugene. According to him, for anyone not yet familiar with the app, they’ll find it convenient and easy to use. It is hard, it takes a tap to request a ride.

A ceremonial lunch is planned with Mayor Lucy Vinis at the Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant, 2034 W 2nd Ave.

According to Matt Sayre, Vice President of the Technology Association of Oregon, Uber begins operations Thursday in Eugene-Springfield and are immensely thankful to City staff and partners that have helped the community reach the exciting milestone.

As launching the opening, Uber offers Eugene riders up to $5 off for 2 rides through midnight September 20 with the promo code “UberEugene.”

Uber provides an alternative to traditional taxi services and is seen as a way to prevent drinking and driving.

Eugene modified city codes to allow for the service to operate there.

“I am excited that our community will be able to take advantage of rideshare services like those offered by Uber,” said Mayor Vinis. “We have heard the call from many residents, especially students and the business community, for expanded rideshare services to help ensure convenient and safe travel at all hours across the metropolitan area. City staff is at the ready to begin processing driver signups. I’m glad the day has come!”

Uber plans two driver information sessions next week at Coffee Plant Roasters, across from Les Schwab on 11th Avenue.

The sessions are on Wednesday, September 5, from noon to 3 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Car Crash Left Six People Injured: Donation For Surgeries

EUGENE, OREGON—Daniel Cuevas and his children got into a car crash on Wednesday in Marion County.

Danel Cuevas said he and his family recall about the crash as a big nightmare they have gone through.

Daniel Cuevas, the father of the children, said he remembers car parts inside of the car, his kids screaming and the crippling fear one of them immediately after the crash.

The crash happened when Cuevas and his family, including 10 and 13-year-old sons and 15-year old daughter were on their way to Portland International Airport to drop them off for a flight to Hawaii.

Father said the kids had a flight booked to Hawaii. They were going to attend school over there.

The crash happened when a truck was trying to pass a long line of traffic, said The Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Unfortunately, the crash caused injuries for the passengers.

They were six people in the car and all of them were injured, said Cuevas.

Cueva’s 15-year-old daughter was critically injured in the crash. Cueva’s 13-year-old son is fighting for his life.

‘’My kids are great kids,’’, Cuevas  said.’’I just want people to know that they are fighters and they are trying to pull through this. They’re really little. I wish it was me. I really do. I wish it was me’’.

The children will need multiple surgeries.

There is a call for the donation for the family.

Anybody who is willing to donate any amount of money, go ahead and visit Go Fund Me Page.

Most Likely Human-Caused Wildfire Forces Evacuations in Dufur, OR

DUFUR, Oregon — Thursday morning, the South Valley Fire burning southwest of Dufur Oregon measured 15,000 acres. The wildfire is 5% contained.

Officials from the Oregon State Fire Marshall’s Office and the Oregon Department of Forestry held a news conference on the fire Thursday morning.

According to the Department of Forestry, the wind is blowing the fire southeast, and it might be a threat for 80 to 100 homes. The number of evacuees reached hundreds of people.

The following evacuation orders remain in place:

Level 3 Evacuations: Mandatory Evacuations

The Wasco County Sheriff’s Office says residents in the following areas need to leave NOW:

Dufur Gap Road
All of Tygh Ridge Road
Shell Rock Road to Winslow Road
South Valley Road south to Friend Road
83000 blk of Rail Hollow Road to the forest boundary
Hix Road, Kingsley Road and all points in between; from Hwy 197 to the forest boundary

Level 2 Evacuations: Preparing to Evacuate

The area north of “the blinking light” (Hwy 197 & 216) to Conroy Road and the top of Sherar’s Bridge which includes Hulse Road.

The Oregon Department of Forestry could not emphasize enough how important it is for people to obey the evacuation orders. They said they want to focus on controlling the fire, not on recovery efforts.

The fire has already burned structures, but as of Thursday morning, the Oregon Department of Forestry did not know how many were destroyed.

According to the investigators, the fire is most likely human-caused. It started on South Valley Road around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The fire is burning in oak and ponderosa pine trees and grass and wheat fields.

A red flag wildfire warning remains in effect Thursday.

The fire had closed a 20-mile stretch of Highway 197 south of Dufur. However, there was a reopening of the fire Thursday morning. The area’s monitoring process will be continued by Oregon Department of Transportation.

There is a Red Cross shelter open for evacuees at The Dalles Middle School.

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