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Comfort Is Key!

While truck driving schools teach mechanics and responsibilities, there is typically no attention given to a driver’s comfort.

But, why is a truck driver’s comfort so important? Simply put, when the trucker is comfortable, then productivity is a success too. On the other hand, if the driver is not comfortable then it will be a lot more difficult to perform. Comfort and performance can improve with just a few simple changes. And, here’s how:

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Firstly, one of the biggest mistakes drivers make is in the type of clothing they wear. If you aren’t comfortable in your clothing, then you won’t be comfortable sitting for long hours on the road. Discomfort in clothing can make driving extremely difficult too. Therefore, loosen up the tight pants, and wear what makes you feel at ease.

However, we suggest wearing loose fitting clothing, allowing your body room to breathe. Additionally, in the winter, layer up! This way you can add or remove clothing depending on the temperature.

Purchase Accessories

Furthermore, comfort comes from your cab too. For example, keeping certain accessories in your truck can add to a driver’s comfortability. In addition to buying an electric blanket, which is useful during those winter nights, a shower kit is helpful too. Most shower kits include toiletries and grooming products. A hot shower and a shave really do go a long way. Sunglasses are a great accessory to have, too. Not only can a great pair of shades reduce fatigue, but it can help avert headaches and eye strain from the sun as well.

Set Up a Sleep Schedule

Moreover, finding a consistent sleep pattern as a trucker can be difficult. However, drivers should try to establish a sleep schedule if they can. When a routine sleep schedule doesn’t exist, it’s harder to receive a restful sleep. And, as we all know, sleep is crucial to a driver’s comfort.

What are some other ways truckers can feel more comfortable on the road? Comment below.

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