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Eugene protest

Group of Homeless People Fight Against Camping Ban in Eugene

Eugene, Oregon – The 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals recognized criminalizing homeless camping on public property as ‘’unconstitutional’’.

This was last month, and today the protest for action is happening.

The homeless community is protesting near the Lane County Courthouse. A homeless camp appeared right there. Eugene’s court decision is an opportunity to witness some desired changes.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court took a decision to ban the criminalization of homeless camping on public property on September 4th.    This refers to cities not providing enough ‘’non-religious’’ homeless shelters.

The efforts of advocate Eric Jackson to get the Eugene City Council to comply with the decision was not efficient.

The Council said they don’t believe the decision should affect Eugene’s camping ban program. The advocate aims to convince Eugene City to create spaces for the homeless so that they can sleep without disruption.

It makes no sense for the advocate to find a crime in sleeping outside. The homeless camp at the Butterfly lot near 8th st and Oak is owned by the county.

Jackson encouraged the group of homeless people to keep the protest peaceful. They hope the city will rethink their camping ban and look into creating shelters.

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