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‘’I am scared. My neighbors are scared’’: Woman got raped in her own place by a stranger

Eugene, Oregon – This week a woman who preferred to remain anonymous have reported about the home invasion and rape. She was raped in her own place by a stranger on Monday.

Lane County Sheriff’s deputies are on their way to find out details about the sexual assault. A sexual assault forensic exam kit is being tested for DNA evidence.

There are no suspects on the assault case involving a woman.  The person attacking her has not been found.

Deputies are interviewing neighbors to find out more information. There is a couple the police are going to talk to. They didn’t manage to talk to them on Monday.

The woman who was raped wanted to share her story to speak out the attack.

She lives in Coburg Road area. The location was a surprise to sheriff’s detective Chad Rogers. He said it’s a place don’t get visited by them very often, since it’s a farm country.

She said she usually close the windows and the door, but last time she was in the rush, so she doesn’t know if she did this time. She mentioned the man was wearing new gloves.

The investigation of the sexual assault involving a woman from Coburg area is still underway. The police officers are asking anyone with the information to call 541-682-4063.

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