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Police chase ends in arrest of two suspects

EUGENE, Oregon – Police chased two suspects through Eugene. Additionally, the incident occurred on Monday morning.

Lane County Sheriff’s Office officials report that the chase ended in Springfield. Furthermore, this was after police chased the suspects through Eugene.

Officials identified the two suspects as 30 year-old Ronald Hartsfield and 27 year-old Sarah Baroni. Additionally, Hartsfield was the driver. Therefore, Baroni was the passenger.

Police officers say that Hartsfield took heroin before the chase began. Therefore, medical officials transported him to the hospital once the chase ended.

Also, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office reported that the driver initially gave a false name. Additionally, he did not provide any identification.

Furthermore, officials took both suspects to Lane County Jail. There, officials charged them with two warrants and charges. Also, medical officials provided Baroni with medical evaluation before sending her to jail.

Police officers report that the chase began at approximately 1:20 a.m. First, police stopped a green Ford Expedition. Specifically, this occurred near the 600 block of River Road.

Initially, officials stopped the car for traffic violations. Furthermore, officers suspected Hartsfield was driving under the influence.

Shockingly, as police questioned the driver, a third passenger ran from the car. Then, Hartsfield sped off.

Hartsfield ran through multiple red lights. Specifically, he went from Chambers Street to 7th Avenue, and then to Coburg Road. Eventually, he drove onto Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Then, Hartsfield ended up on a hiking path. This ended the chase. Specifically, this occurred near the West-D boat ramp in Springfield.

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