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Police Use Of Force In Arrest Under Investigation

Late last week, Eugene police arrested 33-year-old Jared Anders Roy. During the arrest, a bystander captured video of their use of force, which now prompts an investigation into the matter.

Preceding the incident, Roy visited friends at St. Vincent de Paul, a nonprofit human services organization. They provide food, shelter, and clothing, and other services to the homeless. There, he exhibited what officials at the nonprofit described as “an altered and heightened state” while in the lunchroom of their Eugene Service Station. According to police, the call they received reported Roy throwing items and refusing to leave.

Following his display, he rushed out of the facility. In response, staff at the nonprofit put in calls to police and CAHOOTS. CAHOOTS, which stands for Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets, assists law enforcement by providing specialized medical and behavioral services.

However, police encountered Roy first.

Following the call, an officer saw Roy walking along the 2900 block of Elmira Road. More police arrived to make an arrest. As the incident escalated, Rebecca Bourne, a resident from across the street, took notice and began recording.

Video Captures Violent Police Arrest

In the video, three officers work together to restrain Roy. One wrangles Roy’s arms to clasp his wrists in cuffs. Another stands over firing a taser into Roy’s back. A third, crouched beside Roy, strikes him in the face multiple times while he lies on his belly, arms held behind his back.

During the recording, Bourne says, “I know he’s fighting, but there’s no need to punch him in the face like that.” Later, in speaking with reporters from The Oregonian, she said, “He looked to be fully restrained while being struck.”

Eventually, paramedics arrived to transport Roy to the hospital. There, they treated him as an “Assault Victim” with “Altered Mental Status.” Roy had bruises, a black eye, and taser divots in the flesh of his back. After treatment, police arrested Roy, who later posted bail.

As a result of the altercation, an independent auditor launched an investigation into the use of force. Their findings will determine if it was reasonable.

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