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Walmart theft

Walmart Wash-Ups!

EUGENE, ORE – This Friday, police arrested three people for Walmart theft. The Walmart, on West 11th Ave., claimed that the thieves stole items from Target as well.

Police identified Michael Steven Handy who is thirty-two-years-old after suspiciously running out of a Walmart on Friday evening. The man, while running out of the Walmart dropped one of his backpacks. This backpack contained stolen items from both Walmart AND Target. After the officer saw the backpack drop, the chase pursued. Although, this Walmart theft has a happy ending. The officer eventually arrived close enough to Handy to give him commands at taser-point. After some coaxing, Handy eventually got to the ground and the police put him into custody. Consequently, Handy’s charges were Theft in the second degree (on two accounts) and resisting arrest.

Meanwhile, a second situation arose at the same Walmart. Later, a couple grabbed the backpack that Handy had dropped on his way out. Because the officer just put the backpack aside, the pair assumed the backpack was fair game. Not only did this backpack contain items from Walmart, but it also held stolen merchandise from Target.

Fortunately, someone had witnessed both incidents. A bystander witnessed the couple take the backpack and led officers to the female’s home. The woman was Lucy Jesala Rubio, eighteen, and her boyfriend was Conner Oryan Cargil, twenty. The police charged the couple with two counts. The counts were second-degree theft and tampering with physical evidence.

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