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Eugene School Students Raised $10,000 During Nature Walk

Eugene School Students Raised $10,000 During Nature Walk
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Kennedy Middle School organized a fundraiser and raised over $10.000. Tuesday morning the students took a long walk around Eugene in a company of Eugene Police bike patrol.

Over 500 middle school students took a Nature Walk seven to ten miles long with a Cop fundraiser. They were raising money for field programs, scholarships and programs for future students. It was also a way to support student PRIDE (Positive attitude, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence). The program is made to reward students for good work.

The students of Kennedy Middle School loved the opportunity to help future students. They have raised over $10,000. The donations are also going to be accepted through the weekend.

It is the first time Kennedy Middle School has organized the fundraiser. It was not just a chance to get money for future programs and projects, but for students to be physically active and participate in a social activity.

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  1. Chris Lowry

    Incredible accomplishment by a group of Middle School Children! I don’t know many adults who could crank out 7-10 miles in one day. Great job on fundraising and on getting out to exercise. I think this is a great example that should be shared with other schools to keep encouraging children to exercise and get outdoors. The fact that it raised so much money for a good cause is just icing on the cake.

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