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Mail Theft Spread Out In Eugene

Mail Theft Spread Out In Eugene
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The Eugene Police Department continues investigating into mail theft that keeps happening in the city even after some people have been arrested.

The police are looking into the thefts and tracking the thefts. More patrol resources are added to solve the problem. The department is also working with postal inspector and Eugene postal offices.

According to the results of analysis conducted during investigation, there are more suspects involved in mail thefts that have spread out. Thieves target cluster-style mail boxes they can force or pry open.

North Eugene east of River Road, Southwest Eugene south of 18th Avenue and Hendricks Park area are some of the areas that have been hit by mail thefts.

If you notice any suspicious activity or mail theft, please report it to the police using non-emergency line at 541-682-5111.

To protect your mail, place your outgoing mail in a secured box in the post office. Don’t leave delivered mail overnight and remove it as soon as possible. If you are going away for vacation, stop the mail until you come back.

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  1. Nicole

    People are BOLD and rude! You never know what somebody is getting or what they need it for. I hope karma comes back to all the thieves. Our mailbox is cluster-style so I will definitely be taking the extra precautions!

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