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750 Traffic Incidents Reported In Eugene by ODOT During the Weekend

750 Traffic Incidents Reported In Eugene by ODOT During the Weekend
Snowy winter road with cars driving on roadway in snow storm
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Within the last few days, about 750 traffic incidents have been reported by ODOT. Within these 750 traffic incidents, 91 were road hazards, 266 were related to disabled vehicles, and 394 accidents were reported. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported. The biggest contributor is the weather conditions that are now occurring in Eugene, OR.
ODOT is urging all motorists to stay safe while traveling during this heavy storm.
There have been travel requirements and chain regulations posted that should be followed. It is highly recommended to slow down and be patient while driving to your destination. If one fails to adhere to these requirements, a fine of about $160 can be expected.
For anyone whose vehicle might become disabled or stop running, it is urged that you DO NOT leave it in the middle of the road. You should move it to the side of the plowed road and leave a note on it explained when you will be able to move it. According to state law, a vehicle that is abandoned at a hazardous state needs to be moved immediately by a tow truck. If you abandon your vehicle in a less hazardous location, you have a timeframe of 24 hours to move your vehicle, in which after, it will get towed.
You should always be prepared when traveling just in case the weather or any other issue forces you to get stuck you should have food, water and blankets available. Putting away all distractions which includes, mobile devices is also best. Be sure to get plenty of rest before traveling. During the holidays, the number of fatigued and tired drivers increases. Always wear a seat belt and follow safety laws to make sure you arrive to your destination is soon as possible.

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