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Kaiser Permanente Grants $794,000 to 3 Non-Profit Organization in Eugene

You are currently viewing Kaiser Permanente Grants $794,000 to 3 Non-Profit Organization in Eugene
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Recently, Kaiser Permanente is donating a combined $794,000 to three nonprofit organizations in Eugene, Oregon. Within those three nonprofit organizations, two are caused to help the mentally ill and keep housing and one is aimed towards helping low-income parents who have experienced trauma during their own childhood.

ShelterCare and Willamette Family Inc will receive $325,000 each over a time period of 3 ½ years. Trauma Healing Project will receive $144,000 over 3 years. This brings in the total up to $794,000.

All of the organizations had to apply for the grants they received.

The mission of Kaiser Permanente is strictly about improving the health of the communities we serve.

The grants that were received by ShelterCare and Willamette Family Inc are a part of $2.27 million that Kaiser Permanente has aimed towards seven nonprofit organizations in Oregon and Washington. The grant that was given to Trauma Healing Project came from Kaiser Permanente Community

Fund at the NW Health Foundation which is completely separate.

The money that was granted to ShelterCare will help 120 people, Willamette Family Inc will help 300 people, and the Trauma Healing Project will help 650 people.

The aim of ShelterCare is to teach managers and property owners how to properly assist tenants who are mentally ill or have a problem with addiction that are stirring up issues related to housing. As for the Willamette Family Inc, they aim to train health workers providing a rental rehabilitation program for people who suffer with health challenges related to behavior. Finally, Trauma Healing Project aims to help parents who are expecting and parents who have young children and have experienced a type of childhood trauma when they were a child.

Kaiser Permanente was founded in 1945 and is based in Oakland, CA. They are one of the largest nonprofit health care plans in the nation. In 2015, Kaiser Permanente opened a medical clinic and a dental clinic in Eugene. The medical office is located in the same area where the former Eugene Public Library used to be. Whereas, the dental office is located near Vallery River Center in place of the former Fletcher’s for Children store.
Around 10,000 patients are served by Kaiser Permanente in Lane County, which includes 2,000 patients on the Oregon Health Plan. In all, Kaiser Permanente serves over 50,000 members nationwide.

Since opening in Eugene in 2015, the organization has given out over $800,000 in grants.

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