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Uber and Lift About Operating in Eugene

Uber and Lift About Operating in Eugene
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EUGENE, Oregon — The City Council voted on Monday night in favors of changes to a city code that would make it “more likely” for a ride-sharing company to operate in Eugene. Uber and Lyft are one step closer to coming to Eugene now.

Back in February, the City Council asked staff to come up with changes based on the City of Medford’s code. On Monday, Rachelle Nichols, the City’s Inspection Service Manager, presented those changes.

They included local background checks of drivers conducted by Eugene Police, additional insurance requirements and vehicle maintenance checks conducted by a certified mechanic.

Members of the public voiced their support for the ridesharing service on Monday night.

“I’m here tonight to pass the ordinance that is written,” said one person in support of the changes. “Our members, our community is anxious; I haven’t seen as much public support for an issue in a very long time.”

The City Council approved the changes to the code in a 7-to-1 vote. It means that the changes go into effect immediately.

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