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29-Year-Old Gavin Smith-Brown Arrested for Killing His Mother

You are currently viewing 29-Year-Old Gavin Smith-Brown Arrested for Killing His Mother
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Gavin Smith-Brown, a 29-year-old man from Crooked River Ranch, OR was arrested yesterday in Tualatin, OR. He was in a standoff with police officers before they arrested him.

It is confirmed by Oregon State Police that he is the cause of his mother’s death. His mother, Gayla Smith was 65-years old. She was found dead inside the house he shared with her earlier this week.

Around 3 am, police tried to pull over a car that they thought was stolen. The driver inside the car was Smith-Brown. He would not stop and drove all the way to a McDonald’s parking lot.

Tualatin police followed him to the parking lot by Southwest Boones Ferry and Tualatin-Sherwood roads.

They were able to reach him on the phone and had a long conversation with him.

However, Smith-Brown still refused to get out of the car and remained to hide in it in the lot.

The SWAT team arrived on the scene since Smith-Brown was not cooperating with the police.

Police officers found a suspicious device wrapped up in aluminum foil from under the car. They used a robot to take a closer look at it and separate it from the vehicle.

They found jewelry that was wrapped up in tin foil, hidden under the car.

Police suspect “a troubled past” between Gavin Smith-Brown and his mother, Gayla Smith.

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  1. Billy

    He is a meth or narcotic user?

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