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Smokey Air in Eugene Forces Indoor Practices and Healthy Warning

You are currently viewing Smokey Air in Eugene Forces Indoor Practices and Healthy Warning
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Due to the smoke that the air is filled with from distant wildfires, the Millers girls’ soccer team went through drills in the hot but clear air in the Springfield High School’s major gym. The other high school teams around the Willamette Valley are preparing for their upcoming fall seasons. The games include soccer, football, cross country, cheer. They are wither canceled their practices or stayed out of the smoke.

Cliff Shutte, head coach of Springfield High’s girls’ soccer team, said that it is a complete nightmare and inconvenience, as far as you’re trying t pull all fall sports into the same venue.

The air quality will likely continue to worsen until winds shift later this week. Eugene schools changed the way they do sports practices, according to the poor air quality.

Southern Willamette Valley air on Tuesday was at a level considered “unhealthy for sensitive groups”. And especially for a team of sports girls. It includes the very young, the very old and those with breathing problems. Northerly winds have been sending smoke into Eugene from fires in Washington and Canada.

Poor air quality on Tuesday forced the wading pool at Emerald Park to close for an hour after It opened.

For many people, the smoke and heat can be hard to escape. The homeless already face the problems during the summer heat. What is more, the smoke and the heat make the situation even worse?

Lane County Public Health has a list of places where residents can find relief from the smoke, such as a local library or community center.

Wildfire smoke last summer caused the worst air quality in decades. The results of the pollution are being shown on its website as its Air Quality Index. Air quality begins to be considered unhealthy, first for sensitive groups, when levels exceed 100.

Schools and other public spaces are keeping a close watch on monitors that count the air pollution degrees.

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