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Eugene Young People Donate their Blood for the Wellness of the Society

You are currently viewing Eugene Young People Donate their Blood for the Wellness of the Society
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Eugene blood bank has recently been filled thanks to a mobile app. Bloodworks Northwest is a smartphone app with its headquarter in Seattle that motivates younger generation to support the blood bank through donating blood.

The app is available both for iPhone and Android. The application enables the users to find local blood drives and schedule an appointment for the donation.

The startup has recently announced that the blood bank in Eugene has reached out to millennials.

Bloodworks Northwest covers almost 920 hospitals across the Pacific Northwest. There is a need of collecting 800 units per day to meet the growing demand of the hospitals.

The survey shows that the main blood donors are baby boomers. However, with age their health gets worse, which prevents them from being valid donors. The blood bank needs to be refilled by younger people. However, many millennials are unaware of the process and where they should go for it.

The app was created with the help of Bill Harper, a millennial and University of Oregon graduate who was diagnosed with leukemia at 20 while working on a research project in Africa.

He needed 267 units of blood within the course of his treatment, which took him three years and included 32 surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and, finally, a stem cell transplant. He knows well its significance and hence emphasizes the youngsters’ involvement in the project.

Through strong marketing efforts, Eugene millennials started actively participating in the project and donating their blood to support eh blood bank.

The project owners believe that information should be available and one click away. The sensitiveness of the topic will motivate many people to help their beloved ones and complete strangers.

Donate your blood and give health to people.

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