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SHERP: Winters Worst Nightmare

You are currently viewing SHERP: Winters Worst Nightmare
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Do you hate driving during the winter? Does the snow make it hard for you to get to work? Well, maybe you should look at buying the SHERP.

SHERP can take on ANY Terrain

Is Mister Winter making it hard for you to get out of your driveway? Well, looks like its too bad for him. This tiny ATV juggernaut will punch old-man winter right in his frosty schnoz. Heck, if you owned one of these, would you even need roads? The answer is “no”.

This Bad Boy is Aquatic

Ever take a duck tour in Boston? Well, now you don’t need to fly across the country to check it out. Drive this bad boy to any lake and have your own family duck tour. Who is going to stop you, kayakers? This is YOUR lake now.

Need to Climb Over Something 23 Inches Tall? We Got you

Rarely does a vehicle have such an incredible clearance. Whether you’re driving through trenches, rivers or over Frost Giants, this guy’s got you covered. What can winter possibly throw at you? Nothing.


Don’t be fooled by the SHERP’s low horsepower. Sure, it is slow, but it’s ALL torque. This helps pull and push its way across everything. 44 hp is all you need.

Its maximum speed is 27 mph. You might not get to work in the most timely manner during a category 5 “kill-blizzard”, but you’ll get to work before your co-worker, Steve in his Honda Accord. Remember, he still needs to take a road.


The SHERP design means that anyone can fix it. Everything from the transmission to the struts can be easily fixed with the most basic of knowledge. With limited electrical applications (even the engine can run with no electricity) this guy is easily repairable. Getting slowly surrounded by a horde of flesh-eating zombies? Just hop in your SHERP and drive away! It’s that easy

SHERP is planning on hitting the US market soon, but you can pre-order one now! The cost for one of these babies is upwards of $120,000 USD but it’s TOTALLY worth if the world ends.

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