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Cap and Trade Bill Passes Committee

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Senate Bill 1530 received some last-minute tweaks before receiving a vote from the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources to move the bill. SB 1530 seeks to implement a cap and trade system for Oregon industry.

Before it reaches the senate floor, the Joint Committee on Ways and Means takes it up. However, with a quick passage, it could arrive in the senate around the middle of next week.

The last-minute amendments appeased Republican detractors. Oregon’s Democrats worked for over a decade to pass some form of cap and trade policy in the state. Now, they finally arrive at the finish line. Though, Republicans signal dissatisfaction. In order to halt the bill’s passage, they may stage a walkout. Doing so would deny the senate a quorum, a tactic they utilized once last year.

Among other changes, the revisions include exempting Curry and Coos counties, and Bend and Klamath Falls until 2028.

Cap and Trade Draws Support, Ire

Thousands rallied at the Capitol in the run-up to the vote. Supporters and critics alike voiced their opinion at the building’s steps.

Renew Oregon, a clean energy coalition, released a statement from its executive director, Tera Hurst. In it, she expressed conflicting emotions. On the one hand, the bill represents forward momentum towards reduction. On the other, last-minute compromises show the influence of industry actively working against environmentally conscious policy.

“Even still, this is a good step toward meaningful climate action, which we’ll continue to push for on behalf of a vast majority of Oregonians who want to see it happen now,” the statement read.

Still, others criticize the passage, citing the inability for public engagement as it makes its way through the legislature. The Partnership for Oregon Communities, an organization comprised of industry interests, pushes against SB 1530 by citing previous measures and claiming negative economic impact.

With senate Republicans threatening to steal the vote away, the Partnership may just get what it wants.

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