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Trucking During COVID-19

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In a time of emergency, the trucking industry has always been presented a mainline for citizens. From delivering products to shelves, food to stay in stores, essential medical equipment helping many with their issues, the trucking industry is the reason why that all exists.

Now more than ever truck drivers are moving across the country, working double time in order to make sure people will be safe. Products will continue to be delivered, people will still be able to purchase the necessary products for their homes and health officials will be able to deliver the necessary procedures to help fight back against COVID-19.

Trucking Does its Part

The world relies on truck drivers more than ever. With the ability to supply literally everything in this country, many supermarkets are waiting for their shipments to come in.

Truck Drivers Are Staying Healthy

Truck drivers across the globe are doing their part to ensure public safety. From using alcohol wipes on fuel pumps to keeping their inner compartments sterilized. While they are facing harder lockdowns such as public bathrooms and gas stations, they continue to do their job even as it gets harder. We respect all truck drivers and hope for their continued safety.

To Truck Drivers, We Say: Thank You

In this time of emergency, your efforts to do your part and help support citizens across the country do not go unnoticed. While many police and healthcare officials are working around the clock to help tend to the sick and needy, you are also spending those same long hours traveling long distances and away from loved ones. While many are stuck inside waiting for their local grocery store to resupply. It is the duty of the trucker to ensure that the world is fed, and has the basic necessities to grow and counteract the spread of COVID-19.

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