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Eugene Teens Shop for Seniors

Eugene Teens Shop for Seniors
Image by Peggy CCI
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Teens in Eugene, Portland, Bend, and other cities now shop for seniors. As states reopen, many remain terrified for their health and safety. But the PDXdeliver website has a solution. The volunteer program allows teens to shop for the elderly and compromised.

Portland teen Neel Jain first got the idea while shopping for his grandmother. “…then I looked at all the other people who may need help in my community. I began by recruiting some people at my high school so we could get the deliveries going.”

Jain named the program PDX Concierge. There are currently about 20 volunteers involved. All volunteers are high school students and none of them receive any compensation for their work.

How Eugene Teens Offer Pandemic Protection

PDX Concierge connects the elderly, immunocompromised, and first responders with volunteer shoppers. Users fill out a submission form with their desired items. They can even attach pictures and specific brands. A volunteer then handles all of the shopping and delivers the goods to the user’s home. They practice social distancing and proper hygiene. Shoppers give recipients about ten minutes’ worth of notice before they arrive. Deliveries only ever take between 24-48 hours. And so far the group has completed about 85 no-fee transactions.

Jain enters his Junior year at Westview High School this Fall. His parents have helped to drive him around for some of the delivers but he does the brunt of the legwork for PDX Concierge. He acknowledges that they built the program through trial and error. This endeavor has inspired him to possibly study business.

PDX Concierge isn’t done growing, either. Jain opens his arms to any other teens that would like to start a chapter in their area. They have seven and counting at the moment. “I’d love to expand this as much as people want to help out.”

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