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Upside-Down Michigan Van

Upside-Down Michigan Van
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A man in southeast Michigan proudly drives his 1985 GMC van upside-down. How? The answer might surprise you. You might flip your lid.
Veer Here | September 11th, 2020

Cody rearranged his red van to seemingly drive backwards, only four inches off the ground. This was achievable by gutting the inside and rebuilding the van.

It certainly is an interesting choice in automobile architecture, as you can see in the video. The process was very precise to make the upside-down effect legitimate.

Primarily, holes had to be cut in the roof for operational tires to slot through. Secondly, new seats were bolted to the roof which is also the floor of the vehicle. So far this seems to have the mechanical ability of a dune-buggy. Next, blacked out glass had to be fit for all the windows to shroud the work that was done inside. Therefore, side panels had to be removed as well, creating seagull-like wing doors that open with the style of a DeLorean.

While it is considered road legal, I have my doubts. Some questions, if you will, about the overall road-worthiness of this upside-down van. Sure, it can go to parades, but can it run on freeways?

How’s That Blind-Spot Looking?

Granted, there are windows to the side. But besides a 4:3 aspect ratio of a frontal view, I don’t see how they can see out of this flipped van.

Where Does The Gasoline Lean?

Is the engine stuck in the back – er – front? Or does the driver of the wayward wagon have the engine rested before his feet.

How Fast Does It Go?

Seat belts notwithstanding, could you actually imagine this vehicle to be able to peak at the speed limit? Sure, but how would that affect the passengers. God forbid, a massive braking maneuver flings the sucker off the edge of his seat!

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