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EQS and EQE Models Coming Out From Mercedes-Benz’s EV Woodwork

EQS and EQE Models Coming Out From Mercedes-Benz’s EV Woodwork
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Nowadays it seems like everyone is getting their hands dirty with clean, renewable energy. And the automakers are no different. We’ve already seen this out of Tesla for years, Nissan as of recent and even General Motors in China and in Hummers. But now electric vehicles are getting a luxurious upgrade by one of the top makes for supermodel quality cars. The EQS and the EQE from Mercedes-Benz are coming.

And they’re electrically-powered to look swanky and energy-saving.

When unveiling the new line-up of electric vehicles, made on scalable architecture, Mercedes-Benz promised so much out of the EQS and the EQE models.

For starters, the EQS luxury sedan will go into production in 2021. This would be part of the automakers S-Class segment. It’s also the flagship model for the company’s EV line.

An SUV-version of the EQS is planning to arrive the following year in 2022. (Cleverly, they call this version the EQS SUV.)

As for the EQE, it’s known as “business limousine of the future.” A sedan for the future we’ll have to stitch up with sutures from how jaw-breaking this innovation on Mercedes-Benz’s part will be.

There’s also rumors of an EQA, an SUV based on the previous GLA series, to go into production as early as later this year. That, and the EQB crossover SUV showing up around 2021? Insanity. Pure insanity.

But Mercedes-Benz’s full-on foray into this section of the automotive industry may be just the kind of cool we need in Electric Vehicles. And that’s already saying something, considering how futuristic these cars look already!

However… EQS and EQE tells us something fishy.

The company made this announcement of a cavalcade of cars coming soon because of a decision by parent company (Daimler) to slash operating costs by 20 percent. Unfortunately, this includes cutting about 30,000 jobs.

But, hey! Anything seems small when moving the giant of corporate good.

Mercedes-Benz | October 6th, 2020

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