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Nio is a Big Deal: Trades Well in the Electric Vehicle Marketplace.

Nio is a Big Deal: Trades Well in the Electric Vehicle Marketplace.
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Nio Incorporated has received quite the endorsement, now haven’t they? Why, it wasn’t even until recently, about last Monday to be exact, that J.P. Morgan analyst Rebecca Wen stood firm in her belief that the stock price targeting the belief that Nio will win in the electric vehicle market.

Nio’s price target was up a bit from $46 to $41. NIO did pretty well. NIO is going to be a long-term winner in her eyes. They have the premium EV quadrant locked down. Approximately, a 30% market share is to hit by 2025. The company leads the hunt for the business model that China so desperately wants to claim as the leading market in smart EVs. They know best, to say the least.

The stock goes up 6.8% within record territory in midday trading. By stark contrast, U.S. rival Tesla TSLA ran up the hill all willy-nilly at a rate of 422.5%, in 2020. What a rush, eh? But they’ve made it for themselves.

What’s the big deal with Nio though?

For starters, owners are able to receive fully-chargable battery in less time than how Tesla Supercharges. The company has a three-minute battery swap. There was a necessity for Nio to split from other businesses with the intent to remain solvent, during sluggish sales.

The Chinese company recalls almost every one of the 5,000 ES8 electric SUVs in the home market throughout potential battery shortages. China even had a conceptual SUV at investor events seen in Hangzhou. They’re pretty ambitious, considering they’ve got a sporty fastback sedan for the following model. Nio showed this model in a preview at the Shanghai auto show Tuesday. Nio is ahead of the game.

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