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Worst. Air. Ever. Exercise Caution When Traveling Through Oregon

You are currently viewing Worst. Air. Ever. Exercise Caution When Traveling Through Oregon
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Wildfires have not been kind, I’m afraid, to Oregonian air. And it’s certainly difficult for truckers to drive in as it is dangerous for residents to breathe in. The fires, especially strong in Eugene, had erupted from the Holiday Farm fire at one point. This closed down the business and made it more difficult for certain drivers to deliver tractors lumber and other equipment throughout the I-5 corridor. Closures in turn result in hours of delays. This leaves certain truckers with no choice but to search for alternate routes to travel to surrounding states. California and Washington may have to wait for these and other essential supplies. Because the thick layer of smoke still tends to linger about the state. Businesses, large and small, have even felt it necessary to shut down in order to save the workers from peril.

While The Fires By Now Are Tired Old News, Recovery Is A Breath of Fresh Air…

Sheds of Hope, a local charity movement, helps the local rebuild what was lost. The entirety of Lane County is securing hotels to house those who were displaced away from their former homes. As for truckers, they are learning better how to counter these problems when they may arise next year or even next summer.

The flatbed drivers leaned that while tarping loads put them at risk with polluted air, high smoke areas have been expertly avoided with inbound capacity. Unfortunately, whenever the truckers did arrive at receivers, it’d be tough. Unloading would be virtually impossible due to air quality. What a mess! Plus, road closures would always be a hassle to circumvent.

Additionally, advance notice between customers and dispatchers may prove to be helpful in the future. Otherwise, truck drivers are just heading blindly into the unknown perils of higher volume smog. Not great but you learn, right?

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