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Governor Kate Brown Defends the End of COVID-19 Death Reports

You are currently viewing Governor Kate Brown Defends the End of COVID-19 Death Reports
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Governor Kate Brown said last Tuesday she would stand behind the state’s abrupt decision to stop disclosing detailed summaries of every Oregonian with COVID-19 who dies during the pandemic.

Governor Kate Brown’s Office and the Oregon Health Authority

Last Wednesday at 4 p.m. the Oregon Health Authority announce the decision in fact saying the number of new deaths would in fact be announced daily in summary. There would be a combination of information about ages, gender and county residence available online.

Governor Kate Brown on Health Information for Oregonians

The health authority for more than 10 months has listed information for each Oregonian that has died. However, this would include a person’s age, county, location of death, date of a positive COVID-19 test, date of death and general presence of underlying health conditions.

Governor Kate Brown’s Office: Detailed Information is a lot of Work for the State

Moreover, a full-position would be needed for providing all the detailed work needed according to state officials. Yet, it is unclear if any other state-providing as much detail as Oregon about individual fatalities.

Limiting Information isn’t Necessarily a Great Idea, Either

Limiting information by the state in a decision was swiftly panning by some state lawmakers.

A Prominent Politician and Writer Steps in with his Esteemed Opinion on the Matter

A Portland Democrat, Senator Michael Dembrow, who writes a daily newsletter full of Corona Virus news and analysis, has been in touch with the health authority. He, in fact, asked officials to reconsider to no avail.

There is real human value in seeing these people’s names we have lost each day. He stressed even if we don’t know their name. Or we really don’t know much about them at all. Other than their location and age. Dembrow wrote in a message this past Wednesday night he sent to constituents. They are more than a statistic. They, in fact, come across as individuals. In the midst of this dreadful pandemic, I value that. I do know many of you do as well think this.

Republicans Think Withholding Information is Bad and Very Suspect

On Twitter, senate Republicans have hinted very strongly that this decision to reduce available information does in fact smell like a cover-up from here.

Pushing Biographical Details

A spokesman for the caucus, Dru Draper, said this past Thursday the health authority should publish biographical details. In fact, it has been going on throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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