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Messerschmitt Comes Back With An Echo of The Kabinenroller

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Chances are, the pandemic is ending sooner than we expect. And with those good news on the horizon, why wouldn’t you want to take a holiday? You could virtually go anywhere. But basically, Europe tends to be the most likely destination of choice. And how else but with the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller? This vehicle is a classic German go-mobile. It offers a fiberglass body above a steel-aluminum honeycomb chassis.

As you can see, Messerschmitt has thought of everything.

The KR-202 as they call it is getting a 125-cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine that will churn out a cute 7 horsepower. With the CVT automatic transmission. There in the vehicle is also a KR-202 that can push the three passengers at a high speed of 56 mph. This is slower than the original KR-200, which possesses 191-cc at 9.9 horsepower at about 67 miles per hour.

Messerschmitt has an alternative option for all of you green-heads who would prefer to consider a battery-powered motor of electric capacity. The KR E-5000. It comes at you with 6.7 horsepower with the absolute future of hitting the streets at the same rate of 56 miles per hour. They’re pretty good results for a small vehicle like this. The pricing, however, is a little more tricky.

When it comes to the price tag, it’s no small buy. The pricing comes in hot at $13,300 for the KR-202 and $15,720 for the KR E-5000. Also consider the options and taxes as being extra add-ons to the overall expense. Granted, you must retrieve it from the factory. Yet, the benefit is that the cars are being built in Spain. Where else would be so delightful to drive a microcar? These cars may be a little dangerous so exercise caution.

What’s so great about the Messerschmitt? I would say that the hydraulic brakes with three wheels and lights that can meet the modern standards of Europe are pretty great as is.

JMA MESSERSCHMITT-Werke | March, 22, 2021

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