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PacifiCorp Tells Their Employees to Return to the Office Fast

You are currently viewing PacifiCorp Tells Their Employees to Return to the Office Fast
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PacifiCorp told their employees that they must return to the office full-time. This would be on June 1 at the power company, in its Lloyd District headquarters, last Thursday. Or, they will have to take a 10% pay cut to continue working remotely.

PacifiCorp: Employees Caught off Guard

Several employees at PacifiCorp were told they were caught off guard by this sudden announcement. In fact, they felt frustrating and upset that they were being giving less than two weeks. That is to either make some accommodations to return to work or take a sizable cut in pay.

PacifiCorp: Return-to-Office Plan

Therefore, there was an email sending to employees that announcing their return-to-office plan. In fact, it did not directly reference a pay cut. However, it is said employees who want to work remotely must enroll in the company’s voluntary work-from-home program. Moreover, the company has confirmed that the program comes with a 10% reduction.

Lower-Risk Level for COVID-19

The president and CEO at Pacific Power, Stefan Bird, told employees last week that the email that the company has deciding to set a return-to-office date of June 1. The subdivision services Oregon and West Coast states. However, this is after the county had to announce it is going move into the state’s lower-risk for COVID-19 spread by May 28.

Vaccination Rates

“Lower infection rates coupling with positive vaccination rates would give us confidence that office work can be safely done with appropriate provisions. This is for social distancing and mask masking,” Tom Gauntt said in an email. He is the PacifiCorp spokesperson. “Managers and human resources staff are working with our employees to providing guidance, workplace safety training, and individualized plans to return to work in person.”

Return-to-Office Timeline

Moreover, employers across the region are weighing in on when and how to bring employees back to the office. Because this after more than a year of remote work. The return-to-office timeline for PacifiCorp appears to be among the most aggressive. However, other employers may following in line as COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are easing and vaccination rates increasing.

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