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Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept Is Luxury Writ Large

You are currently viewing Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept Is Luxury Writ Large
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Lincoln Aviator is considered a renowned luxury SUV in the midsize segment. With a lot of comfort features and door chimes composed by the Midwest Symphony Orchestra. This is a statement of American quality and refinement. In much the same way, Shinola does represent similar values when it comes to its line of luxury accessories and other lifestyle goods. With both brands based in Midwest, it makes sense one day they work together. In fact, the time has now come, with the two companies teaming up to build the predictably named Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept.

Aesthetic and Design Features of the Brand

Moreover, the concept is aiming to take the aesthetic and design features of the Shinola brand. Then apply them to the Lincoln Aviator. Moreover, in that vein, the exterior gets its influence and inspiration from the mother of pearl watch dials from Shinola’s luxury timepieces. Where you might commonly expect chrome, however, you’ll find copper trim. There is a nod to the Shinola Runwell bicycle. It features similar detailing around its seat. It’s a style that looks cutting-edge and classically beautiful at the same time. The rose-gold hue makes for a specifically impressive grille treatment, too. When set against the silver Lincoln logo which sits front and center. 

Lincoln Aviator Interior Has a Classic Richness to it

The interior is upholstering in Shinola whiskey leather. It has a rich brown material contrasting with crème suede inserts for the classic yet modern look. Each seat does bear a stripe down the center, is cribbing from the Shinola design language, and accented blue in a nod to Lincoln’s favored color palette. Liam Butler, Lincoln’s color and material designer, states: “This stripe is unlike anything I’ve ever seen sewn into a vehicle. Moreover, are making sure it was done with care.”

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