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Kia EV6 Prototype has a Fast Charging Analysis that will Shock You

You are currently viewing Kia EV6 Prototype has a Fast Charging Analysis that will Shock You
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The Kia EV6 is a pre-production prototype. It is based on a similar E-GMP platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It is considered a fast-charging titan. So, therefore, it’s expecting there will be a comparable great performance from the EV6 as well.

Kia EV6 Battery

The Kia EV6 does have a different battery than the European Ioniq 5 (77.4 kWh, this is according to Kia). Moreover, the all-wheel-drive car is expecting to offer a WLTP range of 506 km (314 miles). In fact, the rear-wheel-driver version is able to go about 4% more on a single charge – 528 km (328 miles).

Multiple tests were conducted at IONITY fast chargers. It was noted there was a highly volatile charging curve (even more volatile than in the Hyundai Ioniq 5). The first one is the 0-100% State of Charge (SOC) test with a pre-conditioned battery temperature. The second one starts at 40% SOC.

Charging Power vs State-of-Charge (SOC)

The test reveals that the charging power almost right away starts to increase above 200 kW, before even reaching 2% SOC. That’s really awesome, especially since the highest power output was maintaining up to about 46% SOC. In fact, the peak charging power is about 233 kW.

That’s when things do get complicated. This is after 46% SOC. It is when the power output does start to decrease. In fact, in instant steps. Thus reaching about 186 kW at 47% SOC. Then at 116 kW at 58% SOC. Finally at 30 kW at 63% SOC. Moreover, that is a remarkable sight. In addition to that, the power output increases in a very quick amount of time up to over 191 kW at 66% SOC. Then it starts to decrease in a linear sense. At around 78% SOC is hitting a 62 kW dip, and another one of just 6 kW at 82% SOC

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