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Federal Judge Denies Workers’ Request to Block Vaccine Mandate

You are currently viewing Federal Judge Denies Workers’ Request to Block Vaccine Mandate
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A federal judge in Pacific Northwest state is denying a request from seven workers, who said they in the past have contracted COVID-19. The state’s vaccine mandate is on hold after it went into effect recently.

In her opinion, U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken did write in her opinion the health and safety benefits from this state mandate are “overwhelming outweigh any hardships that are causing to the workers that could lose their jobs by refusing to get the vaccine.

Federal Judge: To Protect Newly Vaccinated Workers

“There are benefits that are important to require all the healthcare personnel, school staff, and state executive employees to be vaccinating. It is clear and obvious. That is in terms of protecting the newly vaccinated workers themselves. Also of similar importance is protecting the people around them,” Aiken said.

The plaintiffs in Eugene, Oregon they have many jobs such as the fire chief for the local city fire district, a corrections officer, a special education teacher in a local county, also an assistant special agent for the Oregon Department of Justice, and an orthodontist office manager in a local county.

Arguments Against Vaccination – Natural Immunity

Natural immunity is one of their arguments. It is to the disease. This is because the people already have contracted it. Moreover, they should not be required to get vaccinate. In fact, they are also arguing it was therefore unconstitutional. It would require them to get the vaccine to keep their jobs. Also, it was a violation of their right to “privacy, bodily autonomy, and personal liberty,” attorney Rebekah Millard did write in the plaintiffs’ motion.

Recently Millard did say during the oral arguments that were heard and she found as a result of this that the state’s mandate was “appalling” in regards to personal rights.

Fundamental to Bodily Integrity

“Moreover, the state does not even acknowledge that there’s a fundamental right to bodily integrity,” she said. “I really find that shocking. “Frankly, I find that appalling…. The bottom line is if there’s no fundamental right to bodily integrity. Then the state can do many things that are going to, in fact, infringe our rights in many ways.”

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