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Drivers to Pay More at the Gas Pump, DMV in 2022

You are currently viewing Drivers to Pay More at the Gas Pump, DMV in 2022
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Drivers will feel the effects of House Bill 2017 in January when it goes into effect as a third of the four increases come into play.

Drivers and Cost Increases

They will be felt at a Pacific Northwest state Department of Motor Vehicles and at the gas pumps. Known as Keep Oregon Moving aka HB 2017 is actually expecting to bring more than $5 billion in by 2027. In fact, that money has been and will continue to go to fund the pertinent transportation projects.

Needs of Unmet Communities

“It’s a really impressive program for the entire transportation system. It is improving and preserving what we have. Then to make it better for the future. Thus then to address the needs of communities that are unmet as well,” said David House, a spokesperson with Oregon DMV. “Now, this is the third increase. In fact, it will then take effect in January 2022. Now, it is about a 3% increase. Then, the average person does when they do renew their tags as of January, In fact, it’s about $4 more.”

The fuel economy of your vehicle does play a role in how much you will pay as always. Then there will be an increase. It may not seem like much. Moreover, the other increase is going to the existing gas tax is going to add up quickly.

State Gas Increase and More

In 2022, the state gas tax is going to increase by two cents per gallon. At $3.89 per gallon which is when the gas prices are currently at. Thus it costs the average driver. Moreover, with an 18-gallon tank, is $70.02 to fill up. Then, if you fill up every week, you will spend $1.44 more a month. This is when there is a new increase. In fact, over the course of a year, that is $17.28 more you’re spending just on the gas tax for HB 2017.

In fact, the money will be going to improve state roads, then the drivers are still frustrated.

“Moreover, they should, in fact, be paying us for having messed up tires. That is for driving down the street. Then and getting a flat tire; they should really be paying us,” said Marcus Mayfield, a Portland driver. ” The gas prices are already high. I mean wow, $3.89 — that’s way too much.”

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