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Reward Heightened for Information Regarding Wolf Pack Poisoning

You are currently viewing Reward  Heightened for Information Regarding Wolf Pack Poisoning
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Reward for information for the fatal poisoning of an entire pack of wolves and three other individual animals this in a Northeastern state stands now at $36,000. Last week, a $26,000 reward was put up after the news of the poisonings broke.

Rewards Funds

The Wolves of the Rockies are offering an additional $10,000 in reward funds. Also Montana Trap Free and The 06 Legacy, too.

There are other groups who contribute to the total reward are the Center for Biological Diversity, Cascadia Wildlands, Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society of the United States, Northeast Oregon Ecosystems, Oregon Wild, Predator Defense, and WildEarth Guardians.

“Thirty-one Oregon wolves have been poisoning in 21 years. They were shooting or trapped illegally. Though there are three of those instances have really resulted in convictions,” said Amaroq Weiss, senior wolf advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity. “There are scientists who are illegally studying wolf killings which conclude that for every poached wolf discovered. Moreover, there are likely two or three more that are never going to be founding. The state is starting to make poaching more seriously. However, it is not enough. Moreover, people do kill wolves because they hate them or fear them. In fact, there has never been a proper public-education program in Oregon or any state to combat this misplaced mindset.”

Oregon State Police Tip Line

The Oregon State Police Tip Line should be contacting with anyone with information about this case. The phone number is (800) 452-7888 or *OSP (677) or TIP E-Mail: The callers may remain anonymous.

Contributing to the Reward

The president of the non-profit advocacy group Wolves of the Rockies, Marc Cooke, did rally support to contribute to a reward.

“It is a horrific way to die for wolves which is the poisoning. It does show an obvious disregard of respect moreover we should have for our wolves and all wildlife,” he said.

Those wildlife advocates who are closer to the scene did agree.

“Also, we are furious and really appalled,” said Sritisi Kamal, who is the senior northwest representative for Defenders of Wildlife, “Such a targeted attack which is against these really incredible creatures that are unacceptable. Therefore, our hope is the reward is going to help bring the criminals who did this to justice.”

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