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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

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Washing your car before transport is a great idea!
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Getting ready to ship your vehicle? Vehicle shipping is easy for you, but if you get stressed out by giving your car to someone else, it can be a bit stressful. However, there are ways you can make the process easier for your driver. This can help reduce your stress, as you’ll know the professionals have all the tools they need to keep your car safe. Here’s how to prepare your vehicle for a comfortable shipping experience.

Clean your car thoroughly

If you’re at all concerned about damage to your car during transport, wash it before you give it up! Washing your car isn’t just good for its paint. It allows you to more easily see any scratches or dents that the car picked up on its way. If you take a picture of your car, too, then you’ll have a clear idea of what exactly has changed since you last had your car. You should take the time to clean the inside of your car, too. This prevents items from shifting in the car during transport, which is bound to happen. It also helps with our next tip!

Reduce the load

Your vehicle is almost certainly not going to be the only vehicle on the transport truck. Doing everything you can to reduce the weight of your car will make transport safer and easier for the driver. This includes removing any unnecessary, heavy items from the car, as well as leaving your tank empty. A full tank of gasoline can add over a hundred pounds to your vehicle! So, keeping your vehicle as light as possible is a great way to prepare it for transport.

Check for leaks and other mechanical issues

Regular vehicle maintenance is incredibly important. If you’re about to ship your vehicle, there’s no better time to get a check-up! Not only will your car arrive in your new city running like a charm, but it can be better for the transport process, too. Some transport companies will refuse to take your car if it has a significant leak or isn’t running properly. Therefore, if you’ve been waiting to take your car in, right before transport is a great time to get its check-up.

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