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Open and Enclosed Transport: Which Is Best for Me?

You are currently viewing Open and Enclosed Transport: Which Is Best for Me?
Open car transport is great for its ease of scheduling and low cost.
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Are you considering shipping your car somewhere? If so, you’ve likely asked yourself whether to choose open or enclosed car transport for the job. These two kinds of transport are the most common in the industry, so they can handle any job, but they still have their costs and benefits. In this article, we’ll examine some of the major differences between open and enclosed car transport and how they fit different situations.

Open carriers: available, reliable, and affordable.

The main benefits of open transport center around one key factor: availability. Open car carriers are relatively common when compared to enclosed carriers. And because they can carry so many vehicles at once, space on open carriers tends to be easy to find. This means that scheduling an open transport is usually much easier than trying to schedule an enclosed one.

It goes beyond just affordability, however. The broad availability of open carriers and their carrying capacity also helps drive down the cost of car transport. Therefore, we generally recommend open car transport for those who are shipping their cars on a budget. Open transport is a great, all-purpose option for those who need their cars shipped as soon as possible and with minimal cost.

Enclosed transport: safe and secure.

Enclosed car transport has a different focus than its open counterpart. While open transport’s main purpose is to provide an affordable standard transport service, enclosed is a little more high-end. One of the issues that open carriers may face is how to keep the cars on their carriers safe during transport. This means that certain hazards, including extreme weather, can damage your car while it’s on its way to your destination.

Enclosed transport doesn’t have this problem. When you pay a little extra for enclosed car transport, you’re paying for peace of mind. You’ll know that there’s no way anything will damage your vehicle, as it will spend its entire journey in a protective metal shell. Open transport is far from dangerous, and the vast majority of time, every vehicle on an open carrier will remain safe the whole time. However, if you want the guarantee of total safety, you’ll want to choose enclosed transport.

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