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Oregon Presents The Chance For Voters To Cancel Natural Gas

You are currently viewing Oregon Presents The Chance For Voters To Cancel Natural Gas
Natural Gas is likely to be banned in Oregon, if Eugene can smell it in the air.
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Pretty soon, this city in Oregon is going to come to terms with the likelihood that the city is going to have natural gas likely banned in new residential construction. Of course, what could be at stake but a specific ordinance that had been approved by the city council of Eugene? It’s relatively controversial as it’s only one of many gas bans that have been popping up nationwide.

Of course, it becomes necessary as city staffers and activists are certain to lobby for it’s natural gas infrastructure, in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in buildings.

Eugene Residents for Energy Choice had been submitting beyond 12,000 signatures early on in the month in order to raise the ordinance for a citywide vote, while the group had been funded by NW Natural, also known as the largest investor-owned gas utility. Of course, the Lane County Clerk’s Office has been verifying the signatures.

The Eugene City Recorder has the opportunity to certify the petition by May or November.

Such a ballot measure could potentially stop the ordinance, which in itself was supposed to take effect for building permits that had been submitted on or after June 30th. Should voters deny it, the ballot measure may have to be stopped all at once.

When looking into the ordinance, it actually stops natural gas piping, as well as fuel oil piping or even any other fossil fuel piping that can be found in new homes, or manufactured dwellings.

NW Natural had been spending beyond $954,000 on the signature-gathering effort. Of course, the utility has long since been aggressive in fighting the electrification measures in Oregon.

Surely, Eugene voters are thinking that they’ll have a say on the Ordinance because well, they feel entitled to it. According to a poll, about 70% of Eugene residents had been opposed to the gas ban. Plus, besides Eugene, there have been other cities that were showing off their excitement in getting rid of natural gas in order to address climate change. This all goes to show that you sincerely have to watch out in your communities and see what they support. Otherwise, natural gas can very likely be a major problem in your community. And furthermore, therein exists the fear that if you do not participate in local elections and politics. It’s all a matter of being an active voice in the conversation.

All that said, if electric vehicles and artificial intelligence is here to stay, it doesn’t surprise me that natural gas is getting the boot.

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