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Subaru Brings In The Brakes For The BRZ

You are currently viewing Subaru Brings In The Brakes For The BRZ
Subaru is revolutionizing the BRZ!
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Subaru could very well be going through a revival when it comes to the BRZ in 2024. It’s well-known as the tS with the performance aspects and there will be more upgrades that come as attention is placed on the suspension and brakes, in addition to the new wheels and visual add-ons. There’s supposedly better pricing that will come in the next few months, right before the 2024 BRZ tS is to go on sale later on this year.

In addition, the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS will come with brand new performance upgrades. The mechanical changes involve Brembo brakes in the rear and front with different 18-inch wheels with an “STI-tuned” suspension setup with Hitachi dampers. Of course, such brakes also come with large rotors with even more upgraded pads that come from the Toyota GR86’s brand-new performance package in 2024.

Such a setup uses a 12.8-inch rotors right in the front, while 12.4-inch rotors are placed in the rear, as it shows to be larger by about 1.2 and 1.0 inch to the GR86 and BRZ respectively. In addition, the Subaru Hitachi dampers differentiate themselves from the Toyota Sach units, while there are still clear differences of tuning between either one.

In the looks department, the BRZ tS looks hot!

With the BRZ tS, the badge is visible on the grille and the truck lid as well. Meanwhile, the brake calipers have been painted gold and the ark gray 18-inch wheels as if it’s totally different than what’s found in the usual car’s. The tS uses blue stitching and even a blue leather accent upon the seats. STI logos had been sed as the gauge cluster with the start button. There are more changes coming to the usual BRZ’s 228-horsepower 2.4-liter flat-four engine, as the tS which comes without the six-speed manual transmission, all while the tS can be ready for all of the 2024 BRZ’s exterior color options.

There’s also useful EyeSight driver-assistance for the Subaru, while a new addition to everyone of the 2024 BRZs had been used with the manual transmissions. The BRZ tS is set to go on sale as it’s going to start in the mid $30,000 price range, most likely. It makes a difference to trust the BRZ tS as it is likely to become the most important vehicle in Subaru’s lineup. You simply cannot deny how strong the vehicle is as far as it’s strength.

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