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Driving in Oregon

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The Oregon city U-turn law is very fascinating.
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Oregon driving may not be different than driving ever, but it does differ from driving in some places. For example, driving in Oregon oftentimes differs from driving in places such as Florida. This is just for the simple fact that the weather is massively different most of the year in these two places, and weather largely affects the way someone has to drive. For example, in snowier and rainier weather, there are different things you have to be aware of and look out for than when you are driving in a sunnier, drier local.

No matter what, the basics still stay the same, but here are some differences to be aware of when it comes to Oregon driving.

Speed Limits

The speed limits in Oregon are a bit different than in other places. In business districts and school zones it is twenty miles per hour and in residential it is twenty-five miles per hour. A lot of other states have the speed limit for both categories set at twenty-five miles per hour. On rural and urban highways in Oregon, the speed limit ranges from fifty-five to sixty-five miles per hour. Lastly, on interstate highways, the speed limit is usually seventy miles per hour.


One of the biggest things to be aware of in Oregon city driving is that U-turns are not allowed at any traffic sign or intersection in the city. This goes for any major city in the state. This means that signs may not be posted at each light to remind drivers of this, so make sure you remember this and know not to make a U-turn anywhere in the city.


Parking in Oregon is most often metered parking when parking in Oregon cities. There are additional restrictions with regard to parking. You cannot park within fifty feet of a railroad, within ten feet of a fire hydrant, twenty feet of a crosswalk, and more. Most of these are rules that apply elsewhere, but the distance that is required differs depending on the place.

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