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Auto Transport

Auto Transport is a process of shipping a vehicle from point A to point B, which means that for the most part a car shipping company and their car carrier are responsible for how it goes. But it does not mean a customer can’t do anything to make it go smoother. Of course, when the vehicle is in the process of auto shipping, you can do nothing but wait. But you are still responsible for the preparation of your vehicle and being there to meet the driver at the moment of pick-up, and then the drop-off. And there are some things you can do to make your auto transport simpler both for you, the car shipping company and the driver.

Eugene Car Transport: Auto Transport Tips

auto transport

The first thing you will have to do when you have booked Eugene Car Shipping is to prepare your car. You should clean it and remove all the outside accessories, or properly secure them. It will be your responsibility if they damage your car or other cars in the process of Eugene Auto Shipping. Don’t place anything inside your car: these items will not be insured with the carrier’s insurance. But if it is absolutely necessary, let your shipping agent know.

Remember, that all the shipping dates are estimated, so you have to be patient. When the day of the pickup comes, be there to meet the driver and inspect the car with him. Inspect carefully and note any damage.

After your car is picked up, you only have to wait. You can call Eugene Car Transport anytime to get an update on the status of your delivery.

As the day of delivery comes, make sure to have payment with you. Car carriers usually don’t accept personal checks, so it should be a cashier’s check, cash or a money order.

When your car has arrived, you will inspect it again and pay the driver.

Eugene Auto Transport makes life easier for you when you need to move your car, and if you follow these tips, it will be a totally stress-free experience! We can also help you with Van Transport, Bus Transport, and many other services. We can even expedite your shipping by arranging a quicker pickup.

For any transport need, give us a call at (541)-246-9009 and we’ll get you started today!