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SHERP: Winters Worst Nightmare

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Do you hate driving during the winter? Does the snow make it hard for you to get to work? Well, maybe you should look at buying the SHERP. SHERP can…

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Winter Weather Stalls Shipments

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Weather is going to stall shipments. Alas, we have arrived in winter for 2019. There is a whole slew of issues that come with the changing of the season. From…

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Money-Making Tips for Owner-Operators

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As an owner-operator you essentially become your own boss. While challenges may arise, there are many rewards as well. Making money is essential to surviving in the trucking industry. Therefore,…

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Comfort Is Key!

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While truck driving schools teach mechanics and responsibilities, there is typically no attention given to a driver’s comfort. But, why is a truck driver’s comfort so important? Simply put, when…

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Tips to Prevent Truck Rollovers

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Truck rollovers happen for a plethora of reasons. They cause major car accidents, injuries, and sometimes even deaths. Unfortunately, truck rollovers occur far too easily. Therefore, it’s important to learn…

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Trucking Companies Under Siege Because of Regulations

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The much-discussed ‘trucking apocalypse’ appears to have arrived in full-force in the last year. Its latest victim is a 40-year-old carrier based in California. That’s right. Timmerman Starlite Trucking, Inc…

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Truck Drivers Key to Driverless Trucking?

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There’s a lot of talk in recent years about the threat driverless trucking poses to the jobs of truckers. And there’s definitely some truth to this possibility. After all, many…

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Trucking Mistakes To Avoid

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There's no way to deny it. Sometimes, life as a trucker is filled with challenges. The trucker's job allows for a lot of freedom. Still, you still need to be…

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Trucking costs on the rise. Again.

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Oregon truckers are fighting against a carbon pricing bill that they claim unjustly targets the transportation sector. Cap and trade is the bill currently making its way through the Oregon…

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